Who is Glenda Monster? The world is asking this question after rumors of the Lady Gaga fan's death spread like wildfire Tuesday on Twitter.

Here's 5 things to know about Glenda Monster:

1. Her death is not yet confirmed: Lady Gaga, who has been very vocal in the past about bullying and other related issues, has not yet acknowledged her death. It is important to remember that these rumors are mere speculation at this point. But a number of her Twitter followers have posted messages that seem to suggest that the person behind the @GlendaMonster Twitter account has committed suicide. Those message include this one by Gaga fan Rockalldaygirl, who posted the following on Tumblr:

R.i.p Glenda monster ♥ we have lost anther one due to suicide . when will this stop ? maybe when these people realize how bad bullying is . And they stop . Yeah right like that will ever happen.. Paws up forever Glenda always

2. Her final tweets are ominous: Glenda Monster's final tweets are quite foreboding. Her most recent tweet, on Feb. 1, read #MonsterOff>Forever. This has been interpreted as a suicidal reference, and she has stopped posting on Twitter since it went up.

Her fifth-to-last tweet, which also went up on Feb. 1, translates from Portugese as follows: I swear I did not want to do this. but ... no way after what happened yesterday ... I do not wanna live.

And she then went on post the word adeus, or goodbye in Portugese repeatedly, and to bid farewell to several of her friends on Twitter.

3. She had a final message for her idol: Glenda Monster was obsessed with Lady Gaga, judging by her Twitter account, which was decorated with images of Lady Gaga, and even dedicated to her, as the word monster is used to describe Gaga fans. In a chilling last tweet to the popular musical artist, she said goodbye to her as well:

@ladygaga thank you, for you have taught me many things. I love you very much, I hope one day to see you in Heaven!

4. She is from Brazil: Glenda Monster's Twitter account appears to be registered in Brazil, and she mainly tweets in Portugese. Lady Gaga has fans all over the world, including a large following in Brazil.

5. The world is coming out to support her: As her fellow monsters learn of the rumors that Glenda Monster is dead, the outpouring of support from across the world has been strong. The term R.I.P. Glenda Monster even became a trending topic on Twitter after the news started to get around the Internet.

Twitter was awash in messages of sadness in the hours after the rumor emerged, including the following:

  • R.I.P Glenda Monster this trend has lasted for like 12 hours. Amazing support from the best fan base in the world!
  • R.I.P Glenda Monster. I'm shocked, so many people took their lives because of bullying.. Stop, bullying is for losers.
  • Monsters, promise me you won't commit suicide, cuz it will kill me.#expects19millionpromises R.I.P Glenda Monster.
  • R.I.P Glenda Monster. Another one gone because of bullying; when will people understand bullying is a crime?
  • I'll hear 'Dance In The Dark' in honor to her | R.I.P Glenda Monster.
  • Committed suicide due to bullying. R.I.P Glenda Monster - You will never fall apart, Glenda you're still in our hearts.