Randall Terry
Pro-life Democratic presidential candidate Randall Terry beat President Obama in some Oklahoma counties in the state's primary Tuesday Wikpedia

President Obama won the Democratic primary in Oklahoma last night, but a man named Randall Terry actually beat him in 14 of the state's counties.

Who is Randall Terry?

Terry is a Catholic, pro-life Democratic presidential candidate running in the Democratic primary and his motto is Life, Liberty and Justice Under God, according to his website.

There are still Democrats who love innocent babies more than they love the party, he told the Tulsa World after the primary, in an interview where he also heavily criticized the gay marriage movement. (Obama's) policies of murdering babies is going to deny him the White House.

Terry, a 53-year-old New York City native, took 18 percent of the vote in Oklahoma's Democratic primary and won 11 of the state's counties, meaning he will receive one delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Oklahoma Democratic primary rules award delegates to any candidate who meets a 15 percent vote threshold, which only Obama and Terry reached.

Terry's biography claims he is one of America's best known pro-life leaders, and reports indicate he wants to accumulate convention delegates to further his anti-gay, anti-abortion message.

Literature on his website calls Obama an aggressive accomplice of child killer, in a pamphlet titled, Is

it Immoral to vote for Obama for President?

He who declares that it is immoral for a Christian to vote for Obama is not mistaken; rather he is

mistaken who declares it is not.

The pamphlet includes a quote and photo from late Pope John Paul II.

Randall Terry was arrested more than 40 times for protesting abortion clinics, according to a 2006 profile of Terry on Catholic.org.

Obama has nominal opposition in the Democratic primaries.

Tulsa County Democratic Chairwoman Judy Eason McIntyre said she was confident the president would win a second term, even if he doesn't carry Oklahoma, one of the brightest red states in the country.

President Obama is going to win. He may not win Oklahoma, but he's going to win, she said.