Apple iPhone 5 to Have Voice Control?
A recent report has indicated that Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 5 will include a new iOS 5 run voice control feature.

Not a single day passes without a new rumor regarding the launch date of Apple's next generation iPhone. Apple fans are not exactly pleased at the long silence from Apple, but apparently the company is only safe-guarding its business interests.

Since the sales of their existing iPhone isn't slowing down, it is logical to think that Apple would want to wait and get the most out of iPhone 4. The major business factor behind new products is boosting up demand. Killing a high-selling product to launch another might not be the best decision Apple could take right now.

Apple's white iPhone 4 hit the stores only in April. A new iPhone launch will mean disappointing all those customers who bought the white iPhone thinking that Apple wouldn't attempt a new release this year.

Apple doesn't seem to be intimidated by the onslaught of Android. Though the Android devices are major players in smart phone market, they are yet to give a racy competition. Apple's features are extensively varied from an Android or a Windows Phone 7 or a BlackBerry which means loyal Apple fan base remains the same. Since there is no reason to fear a potential loss with respect to buyers, Apple may not be inclined to launch a new iPhone soon.

iPhone's launch on Verizon network earlier this year could also be a factor that stops Apple from announcing a new iPhone. An iPhone 5 this year could possibly have a negative impact on the Verizon's sales and Apple's development cycle. If Apple releases iPhone 5 next year for both Verizon and AT & T networks, the involving companies as well as the existing Verizon users will be happy.

Apple admirers cannot expect a new iPhone every summer. Ever since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, it has been a customary practice among its customers to stop spending on other devices in the market, a trend that has affected the overall marketing strategy of Apple.

Apple would also like to have the spotlight on iCloud for some more time. A new iPhone right now will most probably overshadow the iCloud effect, which might not be Apple's plan.

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