After a series of terror attacks carried out by the Islamic State group in Paris wounded and killed hundreds, some European and U.S. lawmakers responded by vowing to make it tougher for Syrians fleeing four years of civil war to relocate. The refugees have flooded Europe in recent months in search of stability and peace as their country has devolved into chaos and violence, partly because of ISIS.

U.S. President Barack Obama said Thursday the “overwhelming numbers” of Syrians seeking to enter the U.S. “are children, women, families — themselves victims of terrorism.” He continued: "The idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the United States every single day just doesn’t jibe with reality."

Syria has been plagued with violence for four years throughout a bloody civil war. The conflict shows no signs of slowing down, with fighting intensifying in all regions and the economy and services in a state of decay. The war has killed more than 200,000 people, cut life expectancy by 20 years and displaced more than half of the country’s population of 21 million people. Roughly 7.6 million people have been displaced within Syria, while 3.8 million have left the country. The United Nations found that roughly 60 percent of Syrians are unemployed and live in extreme poverty.

RTX15BR4 A father reacts after the death of two of his children, whom activists said were killed by shelling by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, at al-Ansari area in Aleppo, Syria, Jan. 3, 2013. Photo: Reuters

RTX14HWX Residents run from a fire at a gasoline and oil shop in Aleppo's Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood, Oct. 20, 2013. Witnesses said the fire was caused by a bullet fired by a sniper loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad at the Karaj al-Hajez crossing, a passageway separating Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr, which is under the rebels' control and Al-Masharqa neighborhood, an area controlled by the regime. Photo: Reuters

RTX18TG8 A man holds a baby saved from under rubble, who survived what activists say was an airstrike by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad in Masaken Hanano in Aleppo, Feb. 14, 2014. Photo: Reuters

RTR45WW6 Residents carry an injured man out from the debris at a site hit by what activists claim were at least five air strikes by forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Douma, near Damascus, Sept. 11, 2014. Photo: Reuters

RTR4YLW0 A man holds a baby that survived at what activists said was a site hit by a barrel bomb dropped by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad at the old city of Aleppo, June 3, 2015. Photo: Reuters

The war began with protests in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa over the arrest and torture of teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall. Opposition supporters eventually began to take up arms to defend themselves from security forces. The U.N. said 90,000 people had been killed in the conflict by June 2013.

There are four main groups fighting throughout the country: Kurdish forces, the Islamic State group, other rebel groups -- including Jaish al Fateh, an alliance between the Nusra Front and Ahrar-al-Sham -- and the government. Most of the violence is carried out by the military, which has unleashed daily bombings as the Assad regime fights to retain power. Syrian President Bashar Assad claims he is bombing terrorists, and insurgents have also killed many innocent people in their battle to push Assad out of power. The United Nations determined both sides of the conflict have committed war crimes, including murder, torture, chemical warfare and rape.

RTR499FF A picture of Syrian President Bashar Assad is displayed on a damaged structure at the entrance of al-Dukhaneya neighborhood near Damascus, as civilians carry their belongings recovered from their homes after soldiers loyal to Assad regained control of the area from rebel fighters, Oct. 7, 2014. Photo: Reuters

RTR4NX4V A wounded boy sits at a field hospital after what activists said was an air strike by forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Douma neighborhood of Damascus, Feb. 2, 2015. Photo: Reuters

RTX1FPA8 Residents carry an injured man away from a site damaged by what activists said was a barrel bomb dropped by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, in Maarat Al-Nouman, south of Idlib, June 8, 2015. Photo: Reuters

Assad has controlled Syria as president since July 2000. His father, Hafez Assad, ruled Syria from 1970-2000.