Earth ‘narrowly’ escapes Asteroid collision. Monday safe but Armageddon looming
Will Apophis asteroid bring in Doomsday in 2036? NASA

A new report by Russian scientists claims that the earth is on a collision course with the Apophis asteroid, likely to happen in the year 2036.

The asteroid was first discovered in the year 2004 and was designated as 2004 MN4. During the 2007 Planetary Defense Conference in Washington, DC, a paper was delivered discussing the scenarios for dealing with the asteroid.

With an impact speed of 12.6 km/sec and approach speed of 5.87 km/sec, the paper indicated a 2036 impact probability.

The recent report which came from UPI stated that Leonid Sokolov from St. Petersburg State University estimated an impact date of April 13, 2036.

However, NASA scientists are unperturbed by the reports stating that the possibility of a collision is only 1-in-250,000.