T-Mobile "Six Appeal" ad T-Mobile/Samsung

Would you pay $1,000 for the Samsung Galaxy S6? If recently proposed prices for the upcoming device are accurate, you might have to, especially if you want a model with a higher memory capacity and a curved display.

An unnamed European mobile carrier told tech website Ars Technica that some models of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the curved display Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones could exceed $1,000. The devices are expected to be available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models, which could sell for €749/$849, €849/$963, and €949/$1,076. The 32GB model of the Galaxy S6 Edge could sell for €849/$963, while the 64GB model could be €949 $1,076 and the 128GB model €1,049/$1,189.

These claims are not confirmed, and that European pricing is much different from U.S. pricing, so its unclear what the final price tag will be. The base model Samsung Galaxy S5 sold for approximately the same 650 price in euros as it did in U.S dollars, for example. However, price increases are plausible, especially with the possible introduction of new and advanced specifications of the upcoming Galaxy smartphone. The even the original model Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a curve display design, in addition to a metal frame – a first for Samsung’s flagship line.

Consumers have already seen Samsung spike prices on recent phones to near $1,000. The company’s Galaxy Note Edge smartphone sells for about $950; a two-year contract for the device is a whopping $399.99, over $200 more than the average contract pricing for a Galaxy S smartphone. All because the device features a curved display on one side; imagine if the rumors are true and the Galaxy S6 Edge does feature a dual-curved display.

The Galaxy S6 will be announced on March 1 at a press event in Barcelona preceding the World Mobile Congress. Several U.S. mobile carriers already are preparing for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6. T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have all posted sign-up pages for the device, with an image showing a profile shot of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The photos are captioned “six appeal” and are illuminated in pink, blue and yellow.