Microsoft will soon be launching the Consumer Preview (beta) of Windows 8 in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. has unveiled its latest version Windows 8 at California which consists of various upgraded features. The software giant will be gung-ho about proving to users that Windows 8 is really good not only on traditional laptops and desktops but also on touch-centric tablets and PCs. But before it does that, here's a quick look at what we know so far about the new OS.

1)Start screen

This feature provides the fastest way of accessing the content to its users. The design is interactive where one can get the information such as status updates or the appointment made in the calendars. One can easily personalize the Start screen by creating the shortcuts to their music playlist or websites that are often visited. It is designed in such a way that one can decide the grouping of the things which best suits one's needs.

2) Keyboard

It is made flexible to the point where the users can even walk around while typing. It includes an advanced keyboard technology which will automatically correct the words that are wrongly typed.


3) Task Manager

This is a user-friendly feature that gives the user a peek into how the PC is operating and how it can be controlled. It is designed with the colorful tiles which will allow the user to easily identify and keep track of the changes that takes place in their PC.


4) Multiple-monitor

It is a unique feature in Windows 8 in the sense it allows the user to view multiple monitors on the screen. For instance, the start screen and the desktop can be viewed in two different monitors.

5) Communication of Apps

Windows 8 allows the sharing of content easily from/to different places. If one wants to e-mail the pictures which is stored in the sites such as Facebook or may be on the hard drive, then this task can be easily performed.

6) Windows Update

This is the feature which will take care of all the Windows updates required for the user's PC. The user will not be interrupted by the Windows updates always and will be able to choose the convenient time to reboot the PC.

7) Build components

Windows 8 allows user to build own component libraries, which is one of the flexible feature. For instance, one can have C++ or Visual Basic components followed by other language that access the components.

8) Wi-fi Connectivity

This feature enhances the network connectivity which is combined with the radio controls that can easily allow the network radios to switch on or off.

9) File Management

This is one of the useful feature that allows the user to navigate to the required file and can perform the necessary operations from one place.

10) Web Experience

Windows 8 has enhanced the Web browsing experience. Thanks to Internet Explorer 10, one will be able to browse the Web fast as well as safely.