A 36-year-old Los Angeles woman was arrested for allegedly grabbing a baby from its stroller and slamming him against the metal railing of a truck, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Natasha Hubbard, a homeless woman, was in jail on Wednesday facing assault and battery charges. She reportedly later told detectives that she was trying to break the four-month-old's arm so she could eat it.

Lt. Paul Vernon said that Hubbard approached the baby, his mother, Adriana Miranda, 29, and his aunt on Boyd Street on Thursday July 21. Witnesses saw Hubbard unbelt the child from the stroller, swing him over her head and slam him into the metal rail of a truck while his mother and aunt looked on horrified.

Miranda and her sister fought with Hubbard and managed to grab the baby back. However, Hubbard then allegedly attacked Miranda and clawed at her trying to snatch her baby boy. Miranda and her sister ran to a nearby store for protection but were turned away. Hubbard then ran away.

Officers nailed Hubbard as the witnesses pointed her out. She is on probation for two separate cases one for narcotics and another for battery.

Fortunately mother and baby only sustained minor injuries and were treated.

Vernon commended Miranda and her sister for their bravery and called the baby "a tough little boy", reports the newspaper.