• The mother-son duo killed the victim after spiking his drink
  • They hacked the victim's body and stored its parts in a fridge
  • They then disposed of the body parts at different locations

A chilling murder has unraveled in India's capital state where a woman took matters into her own hands to bring her philandering husband to justice. She even enlisted the help of her young son from her previous marriage in committing the crime.

The two were arrested Monday for allegedly murdering the victim and chopping up his body in multiple pieces for easy disposal.

Delhi Police revealed they found the body parts of the victim, identified as Anjan Das, stuffed inside a bag on the premises of a large ground. The man's wife and her son disposed of the parts at different locations around the east Delhi region over several days, Economic Times reported.

The duo confessed to the alleged crime. They said in a statement to police that Das' illicit relationship provoked them to commit the killing in June. The woman was further enraged after learning that Das had sold her jewelry and sent the money to his first wife, who lived with their eight children, according to NDTV.

The duo first spiked the victim's drink and killed him once he was unconscious. The suspects then hacked the victim's body and stored it. Police seized a fridge used for storing some of the body parts. The cops have so far recovered six body parts of the victim.

Police have registered a murder case and another for causing the disappearance of evidence and giving false information after recovering Das' body parts.

Some body parts belonging to the victim were found in June, and authorities registered a murder case at the time. The case could not progress, however, because the parts were already decomposed.

The case became active again after police tried to identify if those parts belonged to a female named Shraddha Walkar, whose ghastly murder came to light earlier this month.

After learning that they didn't belong to the woman, the crime branch scanned CCTV footage of the area where they found the dismembered parts. Upon investigation, they found that a mother-son duo visited the area on several nights with the son carrying a bag and the mom following closely behind.

As the probe intensified, they found that Das had been missing and no missing report had been registered by his family members. The woman and her son were finally questioned, and they confessed to the murder.

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