A man in India has been arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend and dismembering her body.

The incident came to light after some people in Azamgarh, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, discovered a dismembered body inside a well on Nov. 15. The body was in semi-naked condition and appeared to be at least two days old, police said, reported Hindustan Times.

The dead person was identified as Aradhana. The suspect, Prince Yadav, was taken into custody Saturday after a brief encounter with cops.

Yadav confessed to the crime during interrogation. He told cops he was in a relationship with Aradhana and was upset when she married someone else while he was abroad. After returning to his homeland, Yadav requested the woman to end her marriage. However, the woman refused to leave her husband, which eventually led to the murder, police said.

The suspect also admitted that he took help from his parents, cousin and other family members in planning the crime, news outlet Tribune India reported.

Investigators found out that Yadav took the victim out on his bike on Nov.10, on the pretext of visiting a temple. After reaching the spot, he allegedly strangled the woman with the help of his cousin, identified as Sarvesh, and chopped her body into six pieces. The duo then packed the remains in a plastic bag and threw it into a well, police said.

Sarvesh reportedly disposed of the severed head in a pond further away. Police are looking for Sarvesh and other suspects who allegedly helped Yadav in executing the crime.

When Yadav was taken to the spot to recover the head, he attempted to flee by threatening the cops using a pistol but was eventually restrained. He suffered a bullet wound during the encounter, reports said.

Police recovered a sharp-edged weapon and a cartridge from the crime spot.

In a similar incident earlier this month, a man in India murdered his girlfriend for refusing to leave her husband and killed himself after confessing to the crime on a live stream. The man, identified as Kiran Debnath, jumped in front of a moving train after killing his girlfriend, reports said.

A police line
Representation. A police line. SimaGhaffarzadeh/Pixabay