The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced Wednesday it had revoked the invitation to the North Korean delegation that was to attend the 46th WEF conference in Davos, which begins Jan. 20. The North Korean delegation was also not on the list of participants provided on the Forum’s website, which was updated Wednesday.

The invitation was revoked in the wake of the fourth nuclear test by North Korea, which has been criticized widely by international powers.  WEF said Wednesday an invitation was sent to the reclusive nation "in view of positive signs coming out of the country." However, it added that after North Korea claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, the delegation would be subject to "existing and possible forthcoming sanctions," the Associated Press (AP) reported.

"Given the recent discussions, we cannot maintain the invitation we have issued last year," WEF said, according to the AP report, adding that its delegation will be welcome only if Pyongyang "acts as a responsible and responsive member of the international community."

The three-day conference is expected to be attended by 2,500 delegates from over 100 countries. The theme for this year's conference is "Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Following North Korea’s nuclear test, several Western countries have called for stricter sanctions against the country, while its neighbor South Korea also urged China, the North’s closest supporter, to play an active role in punishing Pyongyang.

The already tumultuous relationship between Seoul and Pyongyang has worsened after the nuclear test last week, which was followed by Seoul’s demand for increased sanctions and plans of joint military exercises with the U.S., propaganda broadcasts near the border by both rival countries, and leaflets sent by North Korea against South Korean president Park Geun-ye.