India's richest man and his wife have opened the doors into what is believed to be, the most expensive house in the world, unveiling exquisite dining areas, vast libraries and even a snow room.

Rumors and speculation have surrounded the 27-storey building for years, but after a strict privacy policy the Ambani family has finally invited camera crews into the house, saying many of the media reports were grossly exaggerated.

Nita Ambani, the wife of India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, spoke about her 400,000-square-foot Mumbai house for the first time in an exclusive interview with Vanity Affair.

We moved in two months ago, it's a modern home with an Indian heart and it's the only home with have in the world, Nita Ambani told Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair photographs reveal floor to ceiling windows, and while the building is 27-storey, each floor goes to double or triple the height, making it equivalent of a 40-storey building.

We made our home right at the top because we wanted the sunlight... so it's an elevated house on top of a garden, Nita Ambani told Vanity Fair. She explained that the design was based on the theme of lotus and the sun, decorated using marble, mother-of-pearl, crystal and rare woods.

In the photos of the house's interior, many of the rooms resemble the lobby of a five star hotel. According to Vanity Fair, the house has a ballroom, a spa, theatre, terraced gardens, guest suites and even a Hindu prayer room. 'Getting my temple right was so important, Ambani, who is known to be spiritual, said.

The Vanity Fair article includes eight pictures of the house: One shows Nita Ambani in a saree standing near a marble domed structure in a brightly lit porch. Another picture shows her reading among grand columns and exquisite décor. From the pictures it's easy to grasp the lavishly decorated living areas and beautifully landscaped garden terraces.

Home Life

While Nita Ambani enjoys the space and leisure of the stunning house, she does not compromise her task of organizing the daily cuisine. I like to have everything smiley and happy for my husband. Men don't want to see a grumpy face at the end of a hard day, she told Vanity Fair.

Work and Charity

Nita Ambani may like to keep her house in order, but she also spends a lot of time outdoors. In recent years she has built several enterprises including an international preparatory school, a premier league cricket team, India's first Braille newspaper and hospital, Vanity Fair reports.

Reports suggest that the Antilia house is worth more than $1bn, according to the BBC and Mukesh Ambani is worth $22 billion according to Forbes.

The full interview with Nita Ambani can be found at Vanity Fair.