An Xbox One update will allow users to stream TV from their consoles to Microsoft’s SmartGlass app for iOS, Android and Windows. The announcements were made during video game fair gamescom in Germany Tuesday where Microsoft also revealed more updates for the eighth-generation console.

Later this month, select users participating in the Xbox One update preview program will be able to test out the ability, which will only work when a compatible smartphone, PC or tablet is on the same network as the Xbox One. The update will most likely reach Europe before North America.

The update will also include improved social features to “make it easier for gamers to connect with their friends,” Microsoft said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“In the Xbox One dashboard, a new Friends section is being introduced, making it easier to see what your friends on Xbox are up to right now, what games they play most, as well as a new Gamerscore leaderboard where you can see at a glance how you compare to your friends in earning Gamerscore for the month,” Microsoft explained.

Players will also be able to preorder and predownload titles like “Forza Horizon 2” and “FIFA 15” prior to their release dates. Preorder and predownloadable titles also give players additional options for where they can buy game content.

The Redmond, Washington, multimedia brand debuted the white Xbox One during gamescom. It will be available for $399 with third-person shooter “Sunset Overdrive.” The title launches Oct. 28 in North America and Oct. 31 in Europe.

Check out the images below:

[via Xbox Instagram]