• A leak reveals key specs belonging to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
  • The leak shows that the Xbox will be more powerful than the PS5
  • Analysts predict that the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X despite the specs

Leaked specs allegedly belonging to the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles suggest that Microsoft's next-gen gaming system is more powerful than Sony's offering. Is this true?

The console wars between Sony and Microsoft continues to rage on with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, two next-generation gaming systems that promise to deliver a more immersive and truly breathtaking gaming experience to gamers worldwide.

Both consoles are expected to be more powerful than their predecessors, each capable of producing even more realistic audio and video. A recent leak, however, reveals that the Xbox Series X might be more powerful than the PS5, which indicates that it could produce even better sights and sounds than Sony's offering.

According to leaked specs acquired by Eurogamer, the Xbox Series X will feature a GPU with 56 active custom Navi compute units (CU), running at approximately 1700MHz. The console is said to target 12 teraflops (TFLOPs) of computing power, which means the GPU will feature about 1680MHz clock speed. If the GPU clocks at 1700MHz, the console will have 12.2TFLOPs of power.

The PS5's custom GPU, on the other hand, is said to feature 36 active Navi CUs that clock at 2000MHz. This translates to 9.2 TFLOPs, which is significantly lower than the 12 TFLOPs the Xbox Series X is aiming for.

As for memory, the Xbox Series X is said to use GDDR6 memory with a whopping 560GB per second of bandwidth. This is, again, larger compared to the 448GB/s memory bandwidth offered by the PS5. The latter's memory, however, might not be that bad, considering how several tests revealed that it might reach 512GB/s.

These leaked specs paint a picture wherein the Xbox Series X wins over the PS5 in sheer processing power. The specs alone, however, do not mean higher sales numbers for Microsoft. IHS Markit's Piers Hardings-Rolls, speaking with, predicted that the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X not because of sheer specs but for backwards-compatibility.

The alleged Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs aren't confirmed at the moment. Better take them with a bucket of salt.

Xbox Series X The Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft/Official