Most people would save their family valuables if their house were burning down – photos, baby shoes, Christmas ornaments. However, one man in Olathe, Kansas had the right idea when he sprinted back into his burning home to save his Xbox console. At first, the man scurried outside when he realized his house was engulfed in flames. However, he immediately realized his favorite Microsoft console was still inside and darted back into his home – rescuing his Xbox and carrying it to safety.

xb1new-41 Reports haven't confirmed which Xbox system the man saved. Photo: Courtesy/ArsTechnica/Microsoft

Reports aren’t confirming which Xbox system the man risked his life for – the Xbox One or the Xbox 360. However, it’s most likely the coveted device was the next-gen Xbox One, priced at $499. The Xbox One launched on Nov. 22 in 13 countries and sold 1 million units within 24 hours of its release. Hey, maybe the guy’s really excited for “Titanfall.”

The fire damage caused an estimated $80,000.

The Xbox One, which launched in 13 countries on last year, sold 3 million units worldwide before the end of 2013. The next-gen console, which hit shelves in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, the U.K., the U.S. and Australia during its initial release, is marketed by Microsoft as an all-encompassing entertainment system.

Microsoft revealed that its console was the fastest-selling system during November in the U.S. and saw sales figures of 2.1 million units internationally by Dec. 11.

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