Keeping to its word, Apple has published a list of the top 25 most popular apps affected by XcodeGhost -- a piece of malware that infects apps built by developers using a tainted version of Apple’s Xcode programming tools. Among them are popular messaging app WeChat and a Chinese version of “Angry Birds 2.”

Most of the apps posted on the page are local to the Chinese market, such as Railroad 12306, a train ticket app, and Baidu Music, a music player. The number of affected users drops “significantly” after the top 25 apps, Apple said on its support page. But hundreds more apps may be affected, according to security companies such as Palo Alto Networks and Qihoo 360.

“We have no information to suggest that the malware has been used to do anything malicious or that this exploit would have delivered any personally identifiable information had it been used,” said Apple’s support page. “We're not aware of personally identifiable customer data being impacted, and the code also did not have the ability to request customer credentials to gain iCloud and other service passwords.”

Apple removed known infected apps from its store, and developers have posted updated versions that don’t contain the malware code. But some of the top 25 apps remain unavailable for download.

A list of the top 25 apps can be viewed below. Those listed with an asterisk are not available on the App Store, but are expected to be updated in the coming days.

  • WeChat
  • DiDi Taxi
  • 58 Classified - Job, Used Car, Rent
  • Gaode Map - Driving and Public Transportation
  • Railroad 12306
  • Flush
  • China Unicom Customer Service (Official Version)*
  • CarrotFantasy 2: Daily Battle*
  • Miraculous Warmth
  • Call Me MT 2: Multi-server version
  • Angry Birds 2 – Yifeng Li’s Favorite*
  • Baidu Music –A Music Player that has Downloads, Ringtones, Music Videos, Radio and Karaoke
  • DuoDuo Ringtone
  • NetEase Music –An Essential for Radio and Song Download
  • Foreign Harbor – The Hottest Platform for Overseas Shipping
  • Battle of Freedom (The MOBA mobile game)
  • One Piece – Embark (Officially Authorized)
  • Let’s Cook - Recipes
  • Heroes of Order and Chaos – Multiplayer Online Game
  • Dark Dawn – Under the Icing City (the first mobile game sponsored by Fan BingBing)*
  • I Like Being With You*
  • Himalaya FM (Audio Book Community)
  • CarrotFantasy*
  • Flush HD
  • Encounter – Local Chatting Tool