Xiaomi matchbox
Xiaomi ran teasers for a mystery device it will unveil on March 2. Many are speculating it could be a GoPro-like sports action camera. Weibo/Xiaomi

Chinese mobile tech company Xiaomi could be preparing to unveil a super-compact GoPro rival on March 2, various reports speculated on Thursday, citing teasers the company posted on its Weibo social networking page.

The teasers all revolve around a matchbox -- just a closed matchbox in one, and in a second, an open matchbox that's packed for travel including snorkeling gear, which could mean the new device will be waterproof as well. A third teaser has skiers racing down a snow slope, inside an open matchbox.

"Win a mysterious new Rapid Responder: you always wanted to go there, where no one visited it? You want to change the angle, record beautiful moments? You have seen breathtaking beauty, want to share with a friend? You have to challenge the limits of courage? At 10:00 on March 2, New 'lightweight' (will be) announced," says the teaser message, as interpreted by Google Translate from Mandarin.

Two more images show what look like eagles flying above blue mountains in one open matchbox and a kitten curled up on a cushion in another.

Xiaomi, China's top smartphone company, is seen as the world's most valuable privately held tech company after a recent round of fundraising put the company's worth at $45 billion.

The company has invested in startups in China and Silicon Valley, trying to build an ecosystem of smart devices -- from air purifiers to wearables -- and Internet-based software services such as streaming video to put its smartphones at the center of it all.

Finally, what seems to be another link within the teasers takes one to a static page on Xiaomi's website with a shot of a racetrack as it would look from right next to a thoroughbred galloping on it, which gives credence to the speculation that the mystery product will likely by a GoPro-like sports/action camera.