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A slew of devices earmarked for 2016 are believed to come with curved-edge-display and the alleged list includes the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Reuters

Samsung introduced the “Edge” series toward the end of 2014 with Galaxy Note Edge, which is the bigger, side-edge display clad variant of the Galaxy Note 4. Thanks to the demand and good reviews, the South Korean tech giant released a slew of handsets with this display technology and they are Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Galaxy S7 Edge. As it turns out, Samsung’s curved-edge display will apparently not be restricted to devices from this company.

Vivo will reportedly be releasing such a curved-edge device called Xplay 5 very soon. Many reports say Samsung is already selling curved-edge display panels to a slew of Chinese device makers.

Latest rumor from China says the upcoming “Xiaomi Mi Note 2” will apparently come with a curved-edge side display. It is worth noting that having crossed the one-year release cycle the well-received predecessor Xiaomi Mi Note will be replaced soon and rumors pertaining to this device have already begun to crop up.

Gizmo China, on the other hand, says the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 should not be expected anytime soon as the company is apparently concentrating on ways to sell the recently introduced, power-packed flagship Xiaomi Mi5.

Apart from Xiaomi and Vivo, according to GSM Arena, Huawei is also planning to use curved displays on its handsets. In general, many OEMs with high-end devices earmarked for release in 2016 are expected to house curved displays. Hence, it is safe to assume that the flagship Huawei Mate S successor could feature such a display.

Other than the Mate series of handsets, the Huawei P9 is gearing up to release very soon. Even though the dual-camera setup has been rumored for a while now, there is no leaked render or photo available to check out the front panel of the P9. It is therefore only a matter of weeks before we know the exact details of the heavily anticipated P9.