Yahoo has quietly launched a new messaging app for Android and iOS devices. Called Squirrel, the new app is comparable to Slack and Discord in terms of its visual design and features. 

TechCrunch reported Wednesday that Yahoo launched Squirrel in hopes of catching up to the growing popularity of messaging apps. Yahoo already has Yahoo Messenger, but the app has fallen out of relevance in comparison to very famous platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that are on track to having two billion users each. 

Squirrel mainly targets friends, family and work groups who want to communicate and exchange messages via private group chats. The standout feature of Squirrel’s group chats is their invite-only model. This means members can only be added through invitation links. 

According to MacRumors, Yahoo’s Squirrel app is similar to Slack and Discord because it also offers groups and users access to a “Main Room,” where all members can converse. Moreover, Squirrel also has the option to create side rooms that members can use for more specific topics. There are also options for one-on-one chats and “Secret Rooms” where members can chat secretly from the main group. 

For now, Squirrel is still in the testing phase, according to a spokesperson for Yahoo’s parent company Oath. “At Oath, we’re always looking for creative ways to add value to our members’ lives. We listen closely and frequently test new product ideas based on research and feedback. Right now we’re experimenting with a new invite-only messaging app focused on improving group communication in everyday life.”

Squirrel’s Android app is clocking in at 13MB and is compatible only with devices running Android 5.1 and newer. Meanwhile, the iOS app is clocking in at 73.3MB and requires iOS 10.3 or later versions. The app is for free, but again it follows an invite-only model. Simply downloading it won’t give users access to the service. For those who are really interested, they should check out Squirrel’s website to view the instruction on how to get an invite code.