After years of speculation fueled by confusion, Nintendo has finally released the official timeline for The Legend of Zelda video game, 25 years after the series first began.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo has in the past said there was an official timeline for Zelda locked away in Nintendo headquarters but have not divulged that information to the public. However, a new commerative art book, Hyrule Historia, was released in Japan and allegedly has the coveted timeline delineated, thanks to a fan translation.

The timeline presents three parallel universes which are dependent upon Link's actions. After the Ocarina of Time, users come to a fork in the road and must split down a path. The Link to the Past postulates Link failing, the Majora's Mask means Link has defeated Ganon and the Wind Waker split signifies Link's defeat of Ganon and branching into elder years.

Here is the timeline, translated by a user, via Nintendo World Report.

Main Timeline
1. Skyward Sword
2. The Minish Cap
3. Four Swords
4. Ocarina of Time

Split 1: Link defeats Ganon - childhood branch
1. Majora's Mask
2. Twilight Princess
3. Four Swords Adventures

Split 2: Link defeats Ganon - adult branch
1. The Wind Waker
2. Phantom Hourglass
3. Spirit Tracks

Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time
1. A Link to the Past
2. Oracles of Seasons and Ages
3. Link's Awakening
4. The Legend of Zelda
5. Zelda II

The timeline was translated by a reader at Ruliweb from Japanese, so it may not actually be the official timeline, as Nintendo has not verified the claims yet. However, it was printed in the Hyrule Historia book, part of the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary celebration, which also included a concert tour and game releases, according to WarpZoned.

Nintendo recently released the newest game in the Zelda series for Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Many users have complained the game has a bug which forces them to restart from the beginning after being prompted to save during one adventure. However, Nintendo released a downloadable channel to fix the bug in the Wii Shop, according to TG Daily.