Every business needs an online presence to maintain its relevance nowadays. You’ll need to make use of social media at the very least and a website to professionalize the look of your business. Having an online site where your customers can browse your products and services and reach out to you is vital to exude professionalism for your business and brand. It shows clients that you’re serious about your business to properly design a channel for your eCommerce efforts and streamline all the information about your products and services. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated website. The simpler and more straightforward, the better, because navigating it will be easier for your customers. Thanks to modern-day technology, you can create a website in minutes without the complications of coding. Once your website and social media channels are up, you'll need enough content for it to rank on any search engine. 

Zyro website builder is your all-in-one tool for website building as it's filled with practical features and is easy to use. It uses a drag-and-drop interface where you can build a website using numerous readily designed templates. You don’t need to go too technical when it comes to site-building. Zyro also offers a powerful online store solution, a blogging platform and best of all, numerous AI tools to help you generate all types of content. The Zyro content generator is extremely helpful when it comes to content creation for your website. It is a website builder that also offers some of the best content writing tools to help build your business.

Zyro simplifies website building Zyro simplifies website building Photo: zyro.com

Zyro content generator features

Zyro AI Writer Tool Zyro AI Writer Tool Photo: zyro.com

1. Create with the AI-powered content writer

Now you can generate content instantly and get over that dreaded writer’s block. If you need to update your existing content, you can always use Zyro as it has one of the best article rewriter tools available. Now you don’t need to go on a deep dive to generate content for product descriptions and blog posts.

Zyro AI Writer Tool gives the option to choose a category Zyro AI Writer Tool gives the option to choose a category Photo: zyro.com

2. Choose your industry category

Generate content with the Zyro article builder through AI technology. The AI writer lets you choose between two options, whether to go wild and random or streamline your content generation. If you choose the latter, you will be given industry categories to choose from which include Arts & Design to Beauty & Cosmetics. Then you can choose a subcategory to specify the industry your business or brand is in.

Zyro AI Writer Tool offers 2 results Zyro AI Writer Tool offers 2 results Photo: zyro.com

3. Go wild and generate random text

If you feel like having some fun and generating random content, choose the Go Wild option. This also works for those who can’t find their specific industry in the categories provided because options can be limited. It may not offer the perfect write-up but it’s a good way to gather ideas and start your content writing. 

Zyro generates titles, product descriptions, and more Zyro generates titles, product descriptions, and more Photo: zyro.com

4. Get SEO-optimized content

Zyro’s AI-powered tool generates everything from your brand name, slogan, product description and blog title. But what makes it stand out from other similar AI tools is that it generates content that is SEO-optimized so you don’t have to put in the extra work in doing so. Now you can focus on the important aspects of running your business.

5. Import content from your existing site

If you have an old website that contains important yet outdated content like blog articles and product descriptions, you can import it to your new Zyro website. Use the AI-powered tools to help refresh your brand including creating a new brand name and logo aside from updating your content.

Zyro holiday deals Zyro holiday deals Photo: zyro.com

Zyro Pricing

Zyro has the lowest-priced plans in the market. Don’t expect to find a free plan or a free trial with Zyro though. They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you choose to discontinue their services. You can initially design your website for free but need at least the most basic plan to publish your website. Zyro has a number of plans starting at $2.90 per month for the basic plan which offers a custom domain, hosting storage of 1 GB and unlimited images. The Unleashed plan is their most popular one and offers the same benefits as the basic plan but with unlimited hosting storage for just $2.90 per month. They also offer eCommerce plans for small businesses with numerous features for just $8.90 per month and an eCommerce Plus plan for just $15.90 per month. Take advantage of Zyro’s holiday deals with more than 50% off on its priced plans before it ends.