From the time since the video of 14-year-old Amber Cole performing oral sex on her boyfriend (who is, it is believed, the same age) inside their school premises has gone viral on the net, the girl in question rose to fame along with the video in almost no time. So much so that after she was bullied and ridiculed on the internet, people, including a lot of teenagers stood up against those who were demeaning her. Within 24 hours of the video circulating through the internet, people came together and something that looked like a nationwide protest against cyber bullying, started off in full swing.

Now the teenager has fans that follow her on what is believed to be Cole's Twitter account (or is it?) and the account already has nearly 50,000 followers.

Considering the trauma that the girl in question might have gone through, the tweets given out through this twitter account do not really seem believably coming from Cole herself.

One might want to question the credibility of the account that is constantly pumping out controversial statements, including few which express love and unconditional passion toward both the boys involved in the video scam.

The Twitter account in question was apparently set up on Oct. 17th, which is just as the whole story went viral online, according to The account is very active and a few tweets from the account are unbelievably shocking and even suspicious, considering the ongoing frenzy.

Few of the tweets published from that account read, So what if [first boy] exposed me. It doesn't change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him. I miss him, she continued, I love you both ... you both will forever be in my heart. I just want these 2 boys in my life and I'm good.  

It is pretty surprising to see such a statement coming from her following such a huge incident that would probably leave her life scarred forever. Initially, soon after the account was set up,a tweet from the same account had said, Can't wait to press charges on the three boys tomorrow who were involved in the video. Later, she started referring to the two boys by their names, and, on Oct. 20, she tweeted @YourMomHouse and @ RatchetRalph are the worst people God has created! Someone needs to stop them NOW, before its another victim like me! Such mixed kind of reactions coming from her has only left media and public speculating on the credibility of the twitter account.   

Reportedly, her recent tweet says that she has asked her parents not to press charges against the boys who are involved with the video. @RatchetRalph n @YourMomHouse are always going to be in my heart so I told my parents not to press charges, she tweeted on Saturday.

The Amber Cole controversy continues to grow as there are calls for social networks to do more to ensure that any inappropriate content is not spread. But then if the twitter account is really hers, then there is not much that she herself is doing anything about keeping a low profile or helping the public in any way to keep their minds off the incident.

If the twitter account is fake, then whoever is doing it on her behalf needs to be pulled to a full stop soon, as with every tweet, the girl's image in front of the world gets adversely affected.