For months, the Internet has run rampant with rumors about when Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be released for Samsung’s Galaxy S3. On Wednesday, however, Samsung said that consumers  can expect the software update to hit the device “in the coming months.”

“The specific timing and update method will be announced by each carrier partner, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular,” Samsung said in a statement.

This leaves Galaxy S3 owners with a vague hint of when Jelly Bean will roll out. S3 owners will be able to get the Jelly Bean update either over the air or through KIES, a software Samsung uses to sync updates to its mobile devices.

The update will bring more than just Jelly Bean to Galaxy S3 users. It includes new features for Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and improvements to the device’s camera. Users can apply different filters to photos and videos, combine separate video clips and utilize the new low-light mode.

“Galaxy S III owners will receive the Jelly Bean update as well as a host of new and enhanced TouchWiz features, making it a faster, richer and more responsive device experience,” the company said in a statement.

Although Galaxy S3 users in the U.S. are still waiting for the anticipated update, Jelly Bean has begun rolling out in other countries.. European users received Android 4.1 at the end of September in an update through KIES, with Poland being the first country to report the upgrade. Jelly Bean is expected to spread to other countries including Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia later this month.

Some users have taken to the XDA developers' forum while they wait for the Android update, which has produced numerous variants of Jelly Bean’s ROM. The most recent post contains a reportedly leaked ROM for Sprint devices, as UberGizmo reported in early October.

In a statement released Wednesday, Samsung said that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will roll out over the next few months; however, a spokesperson for the company told CNET UK otherwise earlier this month.

“The Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will be available on the Galaxy S3 from October,” the unnamed Samsung spokesperson said.

In the meantime, Samsung is gearing up for its next major release: the Galaxy Note 2. This 5.5-inch smartphone-tablet hybrid will come with Android 4.1 right out of the box.

Google officially unveiled Jelly Bean at its I/O developers conference at the end of June. The software update’s features include Project Butter, which describes user interface improvements for a seamless experience,  as well as Google Now, an enhanced notification system.