The Galaxy S3 saw a widely successful launch when it reached 20 million sales in its first three months on shelves, but Samsung isn’t the only company benefiting from the smartphone’s success. T-Mobile revealed that the flagship Samsung smartphone set a record for the carrier by becoming its best-selling phone ever.

“Did you know the Samsung Galaxy S III is @TMobile’s all-time best-selling device? RT if you love your device!” the T-Mobile USA Twitter account posted on Friday. The tweet had 275 retweets by mid-afternoon on Monday.

T-Mobile did not disclose any sales figures to support this reported achievement, but the Galaxy S3’s success means it was able to outshine other carrier favorites such as the HTC Amaze, the HTC Radar 4G, and even its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. These devices were ranked as top selling handset models for T-Mobile near the end of 2011, according to unofficial T-Mobile blog TmoNews. The US network provider also released a slew of other popular handsets throughout 2012, such as stock Android options like HTC’s G2 and LG’s G2x.

This news from T-Mobile paired with recently released statistics proves that Samsung hasn’t faltered in the mobile market following Apple’s iPhone 5 launch. Galaxy S3 sales have seen an average weekly growth of nine percent since August 1, according to new data released by Localytics.

Samsung's sales numbers even reached high points after last month’s iPhone 5 announcements and Apple v. Samsung courtroom verdicts in August.

The Galaxy S3 increased in sales by 16 percent from August 21 to 27, despite a California jury’s verdict that Samsung was guilty of patent infringement against Apple, which cost the company $1.05 billion.

Sales also climbed by 15 percent between Sept. 11 and Sept. 17, with Apple’s iPhone 5 event falling right in between that time frame on Sept. 12. Prior to that spike, Localytics' data indicates Galaxy S3 sales were falling flat, which could mean that fans were waiting to see the iPhone 5 before deciding which smartphone to purchase.

The Galaxy S3’s success is particularly good news for T-Mobile, which is the only major US carrier that does not carry the iPhone 5. The US network provider began selling iPhone 5 nano- SIM cards over the weekend to allure iOS lovers with unlocked devices to join their service. This was part of a strategy to “sell against” the iPhone 5, as T-Mobile said in a note to employees prior to its launch. A section in T-Mobile’s September Training Priorities paperwork was titled “Selling Against the iPhone” and prepped the company’s workers for what was expected to be the most anticipated handset launch in history.

As Samsung’s Galaxy S3 continues to be a top competitor in the mobile market, the company is preparing for its second major smartphone launch of 2012: the Galaxy Note 2. The “phablet” creator will be holding a media event on Oct. 24, presumably to reveal more launch details on its second-generation device.