It was only a matter of time before a high-profile celebrity spoke out against the internet sensation that is the mockery of Angelina Jolie's Oscar leg thrust: Albert Brooks, who was famously snubbed by the Academy in the Best Supporting Actor category, has publicly responded to the absurdity of Angelina Jolie's Leg.

Jolie wore an extremely high-cut black Versace gown to the Oscars on Sunday, and assumed a bizarre posture when she took to the stage to present the Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay awards: extending her (already exposed) right leg forward with her hand on her hip in what may have been intended as a sexy pose but instead just looked awkward, uncomfortable, and vaguely threatening.

The pose was not lost on television audiences or those at the former Kodak theatre:  It prompted a spike in Oscar-related Twitter volume and a mocking gesture from one of the award recipients.

The Descendants co-writer Jim Rath mocked her pose during Alexander Payne's acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay. But when questioned by the Hollywood Reporter, Rath insisted the imitation was not mean-spirited.

I had just seen her pose and thought it was bold and fun, Rath said. And you know what? We have exactly the same legs! Really, it was a loving tribute and nothing but.

Albert Brooks, who was presumably not in attendance at the Academy Awards, had a little less love for @AngiesRightLeg, a Twitter account opened in response to the incident that has gained over 30,000 followers in a single day.

I know genuinely funny people who have like 5k followers and this has 25k @AngiesRightLeg #endoftheworld, Brooks tweeted late Monday (PST).

Though @AngiesRightLeg hasn't had too much to say since arriving on the Twitter scene, she/he/it took a moment to respond to the actor's lament.

@AlbertBrooks To be fair, I'm only a leg, @AngiesRightLeg wrote. It takes me forever to type these things.

Brooks has not yet responded further, but he made some good Oscar jokes during Sunday's telecast (and none of them were about Angelina's leg).

I was not on Twitter last year at this time so let me wish The Kings Speech the very best of luck, Brooks wrote on Sunday.

Later, he tweeted: Am I the only one who thought Eddie Murphy looked weird?

Eddie Murphy had been slated to host the Oscars until his friend Brett Ratner was fired as a producer after making some offensive comments. In a curious show of solidarity, Murphy quit shortly afterwards.

Jolie's Oscar pose has more than just its own Twitter handle: It's now has its very own meme. Legbombing is a Jolie-specific version of photobombing with Angelina's bare and high-heeled leg peeking into iconic photos.