Apple's Keynote Event Let's Talk iPhone took place in Cupertino, Calif. today, and the world could finally breathe easy with the knowledge of what new Apple products are to come.

The unveils ranged from the iPhone 4S to iOS 5 to new apps and an astounding iCloud.

There will be no iPhone 5 (yet) but the iPhone 4S will be available Oct. 14 and will include the A5 chip as well as dual-core CPU, dual-core graphics, and increased speed. Prices are $199 for 16GB model, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB.

The newst update to the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch, called iOS 5, will be available to download on Oct. 12. iOS 5 brings an entirely new notifications system, a BlackBerry Messenger-rivalling free messaging app and system-wide Twitter integration, according to IBTimes reporter Alistair Charlton.

Apple representatives Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, Eddie Cue, and Phill Schiller took to the stage to discuss what is up and coming in the world of Apple. All eyes were on Tim Cook, as this was the newly appointed CEO's first keynote address.

Noticeably absent was Steve Jobs, but he presumably remained in the back of many minds.

Here is a slideshow displaying coverage of the Oct. 4 keynote event and photos of some of the newest features Apple has to offer.