Gio’s past will become a little clearer on Monday’s “Are You the One?” The controversial cast member’s ex-girlfriend will make an appearance in episode 8 to shed some light on their failed relationship. 

In a sneak peek for “Great Ex-pectations,” the men in the house are seen sitting opposite their exes and answering questions about their former partnerships as part of the weekly challenge. When asked to describe their relationship in one word, Gio is the only one out of the all guys shown answering correctly. Gio calls his romance with his ex “crazy” and she agrees, labeling it “ridiculous.”

When asked by host Ryan Devlin what was so off about their relationship, Gio’s former partner admits he was very up and down. “Up or down. Round and round,” Kaylen, Gio’s failed perfect match, concurs with a smile. 


As previously reported, Gio will win a date in episode 8 and as he promised in last week’s installment, he’ll pick Julia as his partner. “Say goodbye to both of us,” says in a promo, hinting he and his desired match might be headed for the honeymoon suite. And Gio might just get his wish! According to the synopsis the pair will “finally get the truth” in episode 8 when they visit the truth booth. Will they be a match? Stephen looks awfully relieved by their results in the midseason trailer, but fans will have to stay tuned to find out!

Elsewhere in the episode, Morgan’s ex will reveal he has a different side to him. In the sneak peek of episode 8’s challenge, Morgan’s former flame says the contestant is smarter than he lets on, which pleases Tori. “Underneath all that muscle exterior is a deeper side to Morgan,” Tori says. “He’s just not letting everyone see it.”

While Tori may be impressed by Morgan’s super secret smart side, he won’t impress her for too long. A second sneak peek shows him insulting her appearance. After taking a trip to the boom boom room, Morgan makes a joke about her belly button. When she says she has to grow into its size, Morgan ponders out loud if that’s why she “put on weight.”

Episode 8 of  “Are You the One?”​ Season 4 airs Monday, Aug. 8, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.