All was revealed during the Season 4 finale of “Are You the One?” Monday night. Find out if the MTV cast managed to find their matches and win the shared $750,000 prize. Scroll down to the end to see all 10 confirmed perfect matches!

Episode 9

The beginning of the two-hour finale kicks off with the cast reeling from their matchup ceremony blackout, which they used strategy to try and solve instead of feelings. As the cast questions if they’ll even win the prize money and find their matches, Stephen and Julia struggle with learning they’re not a match.

During a private talk, Julia calls it selfish to stay with Stephen, but the two ultimately decide to remain together. 

The Challenge

Ahead of episode 9’s competition, Nicole says she’s hoping to send one of the strong couples into the truth booth. Unfortunately for the cast, host Ryan Devlin reveals the winners of “Have I Mentioned That It’s Time For You To Make Connections?” will be a secret until the end of the true/false game. Victoria pulls out a big win for her team and the game ultimately reveals Emma and Francesca will be going on getaway dates. Emma picks Prosper, who she thinks is her match. Francesca, of course, picks her longtime flame, Asaf.

The Rap Battle From Hell

What start as a friendly rap battle during some downtime turns into serious drama. When Tori owns Gio for crying with his “third eye,” he lashes out. Gio says he feels like the woman are crucifying and bullying him and he is still healing from losing Julia. Kaylen says he’s tired of people consoling Gio after he breaks several things in the house in upset. 

The Truth Booth

The second to last truth booth sees Emma and Prosper. Francesca says she’ll be upset if the two end up not being a match because she’s had a connection with Asaf since the first day.

Fortunately for all involved, the coupled is revealed to be a perfect match, the cast’s third confirmed couple. Ahead of heading to the honeymoon suite Emma makes it clear she’s isn’t quick to get physically intimate, but Prosper is doubtful.

AYTO finale Emma and Prosper were confirmed to be a perfect match in episode 9. Photo: MTV

Celebration Gone Wrong

After a night of drinking following the perfect match ceremony, Kaylen overhears Prosper call her a “b----” for telling off Tyler for not being honest with her, and they get into a heated argument. Kaylen calls Prosper a “female” for running up on her but he says he merely wants to talk. When Gio decides to interfere, calling Kaylen a “little a-- girl,” things get even more heated. Prosper says he doesn’t want to team up on Kaylen, but Gio continues to try and get involved. 

When Prosper pins Gio on the couch to get him away from Kaylen, several women in the house start crying. Camille is seen hysterical hiding behind the couch and Nicole, with tears in her eyes, tries to hold back Kaylen. Gio goes on to call Kaylen a “hood rat.” Victoria says its clear the fighting is merely about Gio and Kaylen’s failed romance.

Second To Last Matchup

The first finale matchup sees Camille picks Tyler, Victoria pick John, Kaylen go with Stephen, Nicole chose Cam, Julia pick Morgan (despite his desire to be picked by Tori) and Francesca pick Gio (going with house strategy). Tori and Asaf end up together, despite being a previously confirmed non-match.

The house ends up getting a total of six beams.

Episode 10

Gio speaks to Kaylen, and says he wants to leave the house on good terms. The two agree it hurts them to say bad things about each other. Kaylen says Gio has taught her about her unstable relationship patterns and has showed her how to have a good relationship outside of the house.

Strategy Or Love?

During a strategy meeting, Tori reveals that she thinks Asaf and Kaylen are a match. Asaf is torn because he says he wants to pick Francesca. His argument is there is nothing stronger than feelings. 

Later on, Kaylen admits to Asaf she thinks he compliments her the best in the house. Asaf says he needs a strong woman like her and agrees they could be a perfect match.

The Last Challenge

The challenge day brings the cast to the beach for “You Lucky Beaches.” The game has the women trying to get a set of golf balls into a slot on a giant game board marked with a guy in the house’s name. The first two women to land two balls into a single slot will earn a getaway date. 

Nicole accidentally wins a date with John. John says he doesn’t care and is only still in the game for the money. Julia ends the game by winning a date with Cam, upsetting Victoria who has never been on a date.

The Dates

The getaway date take the pairs on a mountain bike ride. During a picnic, Cam tells Julia he thought she was his match early on, but thought it would be “too easy” if she was. Julia says any girl that ends up with Cam will be a lucky woman. 

Nicole’s date with John doesn’t go nearly as well. John says he doesn’t care if he’s being a jerk and doesn’t understand how Victoria could be his match because she’s pessimistic. Nicole points out he’s also pessimistic, but he says he doesn’t care what other people think. When Nicole leaves and joins Cam and Julia on their date, Julia goes over to talk to John. She extends an olive branch to him but John only slams her for leading him on earlier in the season. 

Last Truth Booth

The last truth booth sees Cam and Julia. As expected, and unfortunately for Stephen, the pair is a confirmed match. Julia says it makes sense as they have fun doing anything together. Cam says if thinks don’t work out with Stephen, he’s available.

Julia and Cam Julia’s third trip to the truth booth was a success. She was officially matched with Cam in episode 10! Photo: MTV

John’s Wrath Explained

Victoria makes it known she believes John is her match, and that she’s not happy about it. She says she told the matchmakers she wanted a conservative man, and John responds by saying he asked for a smaller girl. “So you just got a fat whale instead,” Victoria says, and John agrees. 

John eventually tells Tori he’s afraid to be nice because when he opens up, he gets hurt. John decides to apologize to Victoria and admits he thinks she’s one of the most beautiful girls in the house. Later on, the two share a steamy kiss on the kitchen counter as the rest of the house cheers.

Final Matchup Ceremony

The guys decide to go with strategy during their final picks. The house worries about Asaf’s decision when he says he’s going to follow his heart.

At the ceremony, Morgan chooses Tori and she lets it be known she’s with the person she’s strategically supposed to be with and emotionally wants. John uses his moment at the podium to apologizes to Nicole for his behavior during their date before picking “the beautiful” Victoria. Despite struggling with his emotions, Asaf decides to go with what the house wants and chooses Kaylen. 

Season 4 ends with the cast getting 10 beams of light, resulting in them winning $750,000 and Ryan telling the cast he’s never seen anyone play the game as well as they did.

And The Season 4 Perfect Matches Are...











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