Now into its fifth and final season on HBO, “Boardwalk Empire” has amassed too many characters and storylines to visit all of them in each episode. After Sunday night’s episode 2, “The Good Listener,” brought the series back to Chicago for a well overdue check-in with Eli and Van Alden. Now the synopsis for episode 3, “What Jesus Said,” reveals that “Boardwalk Empire” will return to Atlantic City with Nucky and Margaret.

The synopsis for episode 3 has Margaret dealing with a sticky situation in the aftermath of her boss’s suicide. In the premiere episode, Margaret hid documents from the cops, after her boss shot himself in front of the office. Those documents could implicate her in some insider trading with Arnold Rothstein. But apparently she is not in the clear just yet as the synopsis promises problems between her and Rothstein ... leaving Margaret with a difficult choice.

Meanwhile, her estranged husband, Nucky, has business back in Atlantic City. Still hoping to go legitimate, he will be hosting an important potential business partner in Boston who could help with matters in Cuba. Additionally, fans might get a glimpse into how Nucky’s attitudes towards women were formed as the synopsis explains that the new episode’s flashbacks will feature one of Nucky’s first adult encounters with the opposite sex. 

Finally, “Boardwalk Empire” will make a pit stop in Harlem as Luciano and Siegel meet with Narcisse for some routine business. However, things might not go as planned when they face some resistance from Narcisse and his associates.

“Boardwalk Empire” returns with the third episode of the final season next Sunday, Sept. 21, as fans delve deeper into Nucky’s history, while the gangster works to change his future. There are only six episodes left for Nucky to find a way to legitimize his business before the series ends. Fans will have to tune in next to see what happens.

“Boardwalk Empire” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO. What did you think of “The Good Listener?” Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.