Baltimore Ravens' safety Tom Zbikowski is calling out WR Chad Ochocinco.

Not in the AFC North, but in the boxing ring.

Zbikowkski, who reportedly has a 75-15 as a Golden Gloves fighter, has fought in an exhibition fight. He said that Ochocinco talks like he can box.

Zbikowski went on FOX Sports Radio's Dan Patrick Show to call out Ochocinco. I'd let it go for about 45 seconds, he said. I'd let him know what a real jab feels like.

Here's how Ochocinco responded on Twitter: @tommyzbikowski in all seriousness I'd give you the ass whooping I owe Ray Lewis so let's go,n any of your other teammates can get beat up 2.

Let's see where this goes, because Ochocinco's response didn't sound like he's accepting the challenge.

When the Ravens and Bengals play next season, there will be added tension, that's certain.