The trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko continues in its raucous state, with supporters and detractors alike causing chaos in the courtroom and on the street.

Thousands of people have continued to gather outside the Kiev court house where the country's former leader is being tried for corruption. Supporters of Tymoshenko shout that the hearing is a politically motivated show trial. Both sides hold signs and scream and blast music at each other, according to the globalpost.

Tymoshenko's female base stage protests in the capital's central square. Dressed as the former Prime Minister, with Tymoschenko's signature braid, the feminist supporters rip off their shirts in protest.

Tymoshenko went on trial in July for alleged abuse of power while she was in office. The accusations involve a 2009 gas deal with Russia which financially injured Ukraine.

The prosecution is claiming that the price agreed to by Russia and Tymoshenko were too high, costing the country about $440 million. Earlier, she had been charged with the same crime for purchasing 1,000 Opel Kombo vans for the government at 20 percent above the market value.

Tymoshenko called the trial a politically charged farce. She claims that the accusations are an attempt by President Viktor Yanukovich to force her out of national politics.

The courtroom itself has been a battle ground. Tymoshenko has refused to rise for the presiding judge, and supporters have rushed the court room on a number of occasions, requiring short recesses and riot police.

"I declare you a puppet of the presidential office," Tymoshenko told Judge Rodion Kireyev at a pre-trial hearing in June. "You don't have the right to consider this case. You are fully integrated into a system of political repression directed by authorities."

"My voice will be even louder from prison, because the whole world will hear me," she said.

“Clearly, Kireyev is not in charge and somewhere deep down in his soul he may be innocent. Bedbugs, for instance, are also innocent. They need food and a career,” Tymoshenko tweeted.

Kireyev nonetheless denied a motion by prosecutors to have Tymoshenko arrested and jailed for the duration of the proceedings.

Tymoshenko, who was the nation's first female prime minister, serving from 2007 to 2010, was one of the heroes of Ukraine's Orange Revolution. She is the currently the leader of Ukraine's opposition party, but is facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years.