Lifetime has teased the idea that only two of Abby Lee Miller's elite junior students will be present at Tuesday’s midseason finale competition. In sneak-peek videos of the forthcoming episode “Showdown In Pittsburgh, Part 2” -- posted to the official "Dance Moms" Facebook page -- it appears the two girls will be Nia Frazier and JoJo Siwa. And despite initially giving Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker solos at the competition, it appears that in light of their absence, Miller will be giving the other girls a chance to shine.

In the first sneak-peek video for Season 5, episode 18, Abby tells the moms that Kalani and Kendall may not get to the event on time. (An earlier promo video revealed the girls were absent due to their participation in a JUMP dance convention.)

“I had two children that are registered for solos that may not get here, so I want to have two other solos registered in place of them,” Abby says.

“You will be going in for Kalani. You will be going in for Kendall,” Abby tells Nia and JoJo, respectively.

While Nia’s mother Holly calls Miller's decision to throw her daughter and JoJo into the competition against their rival Ava Cota at the last minute unfair, Abby labels it a great opportunity. “When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready," she says. "That’s part of your training at the Abby Lee Dance Company."

In a second sneak-peek video of the midseason finale, the ALDC’s rival’s coach, Cathy Nesbitt Stein, makes an appearance in their dressing room. When Stein discovers who Miller’s stand-in soloists will be, she taunts the “Dance Moms” star about her decision.

“Oh, Abby, how generous of you to give Nia something,” Cathy says, adding a dig that the ALDC coach gave Nia the routine only to make up for her absence from her student's debut music video. “It’s probably because you know that her video was glorious and you can’t have any credit, except for that fake smile that you do.”

Find out how the ALDC, Ava, and the Candy Apples fared at Starbound in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Feb. 15 here. The Season 5 midseason finale of “Dance Moms” airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.