Nia Frazier (2nd, left) premiered her music video on Tuesday's "Dance Moms" installment. Pictured: Nia with her "Dance Moms" co-stars (from left) JoJo Siwa, Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes at the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Getty

In the midst of preparing for the ALDC’s final competition in Pittsburgh ahead of their big move to Los Angeles, dance mom Holly Frazier was also prepping for the release of her daughter Nia’s debut music video, “Star in Your Own Life.” While Holly was practically glowing about her daughter’s forthcoming project in the Season 5 episode “Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1," Tuesday, the rest of the ALDC dance moms were visibily not as thrilled.

“I don’t know if they’re mad, jealous, or what, but something is definitely going on,” Holly said in episode 17.

After several days of tension-filled rehearsals at coach Abby Lee Miller’s Pittsburgh studio, Holly attended Nia's premiere party. “It is not every day that you’re 13-year-old and you’re releasing a music video,” Holly told the group of party guests. “We’re so fortunate and blessed.”

Being that the party took place the same day as a JUMP Dance Convention, the only ALDC team member to show was newcomer JoJo Siwa. While a large majority of Nia’s teammates were not in attendance, the dance moms, and even the ALDC’s rivals, the Candy Apples, did attend.

While Abby told Nia and Holly she would also not be able to make it to the music video premiere due to a teacher luncheon, she did make a surprise cameo at the event. Despite showing some resistance to the theme and costumes Nia sported in the project, she did applaud and even blow a kiss to her longtime student at the video’s conclusion. In response, Nia thanked Abby.

“I have to thank her because she is the reason why I’m dancing and if I wasn’t dancing then I wouldn’t be here,” Nia said.

“I just want to congratulate Nia and her family for a job well done,” Abby shared after Nia’s speech. “Nia, I’m going to tell you something who I tell all my students who are moving into the professional world: this is just the beginning!”

After receiving a positive reaction from Abby about her video at the premiere, Nia said she was hopeful their relationship was moving in a new direction. “I’m really happy Abby came to support my video… Her coming makes me feel really good. I feel like this is another step to move forward and forget the past,” she said.

And despite all of her kind words, Abby couldn’t help but share a few critiques about the video for the “Dance Moms” cameras behind-the-scenes. While she did call her student’s project — led by Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day — “dynamic and slick” she did admit to being a “little disappointed” in the project for failing to portray what she felt was an accurate reflection of the dancer’s reality.

“It didn’t seem like Nia’s own life,” Abby said, alluding to the song title and saying the music video was more of a contrived life the video’s producers wanted Nia to have.

What did you think of Nia’s music video? Tell us in the comments section below. Part two of the "Dance Moms" midseason finale airs Tuesday, May 5, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.