William Morris Endeavor is set to make a statement denying claims that the talent agency signed Casey Anthony, according to a Twitter update by a freelance reporter for The Daily (which, incidentally, is a Murdoch publication).

An Internet rumor has been circulating Thursday afternoon that acquitted child murderer Casey Anthony -- along with her lawyer Jose Baez -- signed a deal with the talent agency.  So far, the news hasn't extended much beyond social media sites, and while some Twitter users are calling for a protest of William Morris Endeavor, others are doubtful the rumor is founded in anything legitimate.

In the last hour, @lalasoo tweeted:

'William Morris Endeavor denies signing #CaseyAnthony as a client. Not true. Statement coming. #cayleeanthony #HLN #WME'

The tweet, which was re-posted by the official Twitter account for The Daily, suggests that the reporter may have been in touch with someone at the talent agency.

Another Twitter trail led to an 'ironic' blog owned by someone by the name of Chris Bearde. It is possible that the rumors stemmed from this satirical post:

As soon as the verdict came down William Morris/Endeavor signed Casey Anthony to host a reality series titled The Not Guilty of Murder but Promiscuous Women of Orange County!

A cursory glance at the rest of the statements on the list make it very clear they are not meant to be taken seriously, ie. : The jury said they made their quick decision because the take out food sucked and  two of the jury refused to shower.

If that is in fact what started the inter-uproar, we should all be ashamed of ourselves.