Summer is over and that means major networks are deciding the fate of the shows that aired during the sultry months. CBS went ahead and canceled “BrainDead” and “American Gothic” after the two series premiered this summer.

While most fans aren’t too bummed with mystery series “American Gothic” getting sent to the grim reaper, some are definitely saddened to see political comedy “BrainDead” get axed. The show, which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead as documentary filmmaker Laurel Healy, was set in Washington, D.C. She discovers that the cause of tensions between two political parties is a race of alien insects that are eating the brains of politicians.

At a time when the media was heavily scrutinizing the presidential debate and reporting about Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, “BrainDead” seemed like a breath of fresh air to most fans. It certainly made politics light-hearted – a goal most shows haven’t achieved yet.

Furthermore, the TV show was created by the showrunners of CBS’ “The Good Wife” – Michelle and Robert King.

“BrainDead” debuted to a disappointing 4.6 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, reports TVLine. Then it slipped to a 0.3 rating and barely garnered an audience of two million people. It averaged a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 category, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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RIP “BrainDead”!

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