Google+ is poised to reach 10 million users Tuesday, probably by the time you finish reading this sentence.

According to data from Paul Allen, the total number of Google+ users surpassed seven million over the weekend, and will continue to rise steadily for some time. In a sign of the extreme power of Google, Google+ will get its 10 millionth member after only two weeks, while it is still invitation-only, Allen says.

Allen, who is the creator of, thinks that although it so far rests in the shadow of Facebook's 750 million users, Google+ will achieve a sustainable market share. There is room for another social network, Allen claims.

Bill Gross, founder and CEO of technology incubator Idealab, agreed with Allen's statement in a Google+ post yesterday.

I predict that Google+ will go from 0 to 100,000,000 users faster than any other service in history, Gross said. People are engaging with it like crazy.

Gross added that he thought Google+ was up for any challenge and ready to face its competitors.

The next year will tell. Will there be bumps in the road? Sure. Will Facebook and Twitter fight back with more innovation? Of course! But I'm saying that Google+ is already good enough, and the team on Google+ is being so responsive in a way that makes me believe they have a real winner here, he said in his message.

While optimistic, Gross puts the current figure of Google+ users lower than Allen. Gross thinks that there are about five million users, as of Monday.

The number of users is likely to grow exponentially over the next few weeks, thanks to its buzz and invite system. The more members Google+ has, the more invitations are available to give out. Also, thanks to the magic of Google, profiles can be made quickly and some data is even assigned before a user signs up.