The Season 5 finale of “Homeland” was so action-packed, the installment completely skipped running the opening credits. Relive the deaths and drama that went down in episode 12, “A False Glimmer.”

Showtime's finale opens with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) running down the tunnels in Berlin Station in search of Qasim (Alireza Bayram)​. He finds her first and holds a metal pole to her throat. Carrie tells him it's clear he’s having second thoughts about the terror attack and asks to see the weapon. When Qasim informs her that the plot is to release poisonous gas, she asks him to consider the lives at stake. She gives him her gun and tells him to shoot his cousin Bibi (René Ifrah), who is working to detonate the gas. Qasim says he cannot kill him, but will try to talk some sense into him. When he approaches Bibi and asks him to reconsider, he refuses and shoots his kinsman. Qasim attacks Bibi just as the train comes into the station. Carrie shoots at the two of them and manages to kill Bibi before he can release the gas. Carrie cradles Qasim as he dies and thanks him for helping Quinn (Rupert Friend).

Outside Berlin Station, Carrie meets up with Saul (Mandy Patinkin). She learns that the police have yet to apprehend Allison (Miranda Otto). She tells Saul she wants to go home and finds herself at Jonas’ (Alexander Fehling) apartment. When he finds her, he asks if the dangers in her life are behind her and she says they are. After they spend the night together, Jonas asks if she wants to tell him about what happened with the terror threat, saying reports of a mysterious blonde women in the tunnels have been flooding the internet. Carrie admits it was her and says she wants another chance to make their relationship work. Jonas says he doesn’t want to live his life in panic and that they will never work out. Carrie storms off. 

Saul continues to hunt down Allison. He speaks to Ivan (Mark Ivanir), who eventually gives in to his offer to be protected in the U.S. in exchange for information on how the Russians plans to sneak her out of Germany.

We see Allison being taken to a human trafficking house in Germany. She is treated by a doctor there. 

American journalist Laura Sutton (Sarah Sokolovic) is arrested by the German BND for threatening to release the hacked government files. Astrid (Nina Hoss) tells her she has overstayed her welcome in Germany and will be sent back to the U.S. Hacktivist Numan (Atheer Adel) is also apprehended by the BND. 

Carrie goes to the hospital and learns that Quinn had a brain hemorrhage and is in surgery. The doctors tell Carrie it is too soon to know if he will recover, but that even if he does, the brain damage will be significant.

The finale jumps four days into the future. 

homeland5124466 Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham, pictured) opened up about Peter Quinn's (Rupert Friend) history in the "Homeland" Season 5 finale. Photo: Showtime

Carrie goes back to the hospital and finds Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) sleeping by Quinn’s bed. He tells her Quinn’s backstory for the first time, revealing that he found him when he was 16 and living in foster care. Dar gives Carrie an envelope and says she was Quinn's beneficiary. Carrie begins to read the letter but is interrupted by Saul, who invites her to rejoin the CIA. She refuses and Saul calls her selfish. 

Carrie goes to the house of her boss Otto During (Sebastian Koch). Otto asks Carrie if she is considering Saul’s offer and she says she turned him down. Carrie says she’s unsure what lies ahead, but she is ready for the next chapter. Otto throws Carrie a curveball, saying he’s looking for a life partner and wants Carrie to be her. He asks her to consider the possibilities, but says she doesn’t have to decide right away. Carrie is stunned by his proposal. 

Astrid goes to question Laura in her cell. She tells her Faisal Marwan (Ercan Durmaz) is dead and that he committed suicide. Astrid also reveals that Numan has been incarcerated, they have received the hacked documents and she’s lost her leverage. Laura learns that Numan was in Germany on asylum from Turkey, where he is considered an enemy of state and will be executed if he returns. Astrid says Laura must do exactly what she’s told or they will send Numan back to his death.

Laura goes on TV and says she is now aware that Faisal was a dedicated member of the terror cell who planned the attack for years. She says she hopes to put the situation behind her. 

Numan is released by the BND. When he calls Laura, she tells him they can no longer speak per the terms of her agreement. 

After being treated for her gunshot wound, Allison is told she will be brought to Russia in a car. When she finds out she must travel in a trunk for three hours to cross the border she is unhappy, but accepts. The car carrying Allison pulls up to a roadblock midway and is told to take a detour. While driving the car travels over spikes and is immediately stopped. A team of snipers attacks, and Saul is revealed to be among the men on the scene. When he pops the trunk, he finds Allison shot dead. 

Carrie returns to the hospital and continues reading Quinn’s note. In his note, Quinn says he isn’t surprised that he died because he wasn’t allowed a real life or real love, saying those things are only for normal people. Quinn says he wanted the darkness and asked for it. He asks Carrie not to make a fuss of his death, not put a star on the wall for him nor make a speech.

When Carrie approaches Quinn she transfers his heart monitor from his finger onto hers, but makes no moves to end his life. While she is staring down at him, a beam of light comes into the hospital room. The season ends with Carrie looking down at Quinn lovingly. 

“I loved you,” his letter ends. “Yours for always now, Quinn.”

“Homeland” Season 6 premieres on Showtime in 2016.