The truth has finally been revealed — After weeks of unanswered questions about his past, Wes (Alfred Enoch) knows what happened to his mother and, more importantly, why. Annalise (Viola Davis) opened up to her student and mentee during Season 2, episode 14 of ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder."

The episode kicks off with each of the Keating Five — with the exception of Asher (Matt McGorry) — being called in to questioning by ADA Denver. As seasoned veterans, they handle it like pros. With Bonnie (Liza Wiel) by their sides, they're able to get the ADA. off their backs and head back into hiding. The students seek refuge at Annalise's house after learning that Phillip (Jefferson White) has kidnapped Caleb (Kendrick Sampson). Meanwhile Annalise is falling apart. With no one to turn to amid the chaos she looks to her old pal vodka.

During a night of heavy drinking she has a flashback to 10 years prior when she was assigned to Wes' mother's case. The moment from the past serves as one of the final pieces to the puzzle, showing Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen) trying to figure out where to go after Wes' mother's suicide. Annalise urges Eve to step in and do something to protect Wes — or Christoph, as he was known at the time. Eve is skeptical for fear it will interfere with the case, at which time Annalise tells her that if Eve won't do something she'll handle it herself. Annalise exits the hotel room they've been chatting in and heads for her car where things take a turn for the worse.

The flashback halts at Annalise driving and viewers are thrust back into the present. Annalise wakes up with her head on her desk to Bonnie knocking at her door. The pair exchange in some idle and very tense chit chat before Bonnie pulls out the big guns. Annalise questions why she and Frank (Charlie Webber) were chatting privately earlier that day if they're not sexually involved. Bonnie seizes the opportunity to fish for answers about Wes, telling her boss that's what they had been discussing. She questions Annalise's loyalty to him and why she feels the need to protect him so much. Annalise gets angry and kicks Bonnie, Frank, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and the rest of the Keating Five — with the exception of Wes — out, despite the fact that Phillip is still very much free.

The team go out and get drunk while Annalise sits Wes down for a long overdue chat. She reveals to him that, although a document from the case listed him as the primary suspect, his mother committed suicide. She shares most of the details with him — why she was involved, what questionable lengths she went to to save his mother and how sorry she was at how it ended — but Wes isn't satisfied. He's certain she's hiding something. It's then that another flashback occurs. Annalise is show being rushed into the hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. Doctors do all they can, but her son does not survive the procedure. Her husband Sam (Tom Verica) arrives shortly after it is announced to her that the child didn't make it, and they sit together with their still-born baby while reality sets in. Sam shares with Annalise that it was not her fault, but rather a driver who blew through a red light. This does little to quell her guilt. Sam steps out into the waiting room where he meets Eve, who is eager to find out about both Annalise and the baby. Sam reveals to Eve that he wants Annalise pulled off the case and he plans to take her back home.

A flashback within Annalise's flashback shows the esteemed lawyer talking with Charles Mahoney, the hedge fund manager linked to the case. He tells her that if she snaps at him again he'll have her fired, at which time things heat up. Annalise reveals to Charles that Rose killed herself earlier in the investigation out of fear that her son would be harmed. She shares with the financial whiz that she finds that suspicious unless, that is, Wes' mother had reason to believe she was in danger. Annalise accuses him of raping Rose and fathering her son. This shocks Wes, who believed his father was dead.

The Season 2 finale of "HTGAWM" airs Thursday, March 17 at 10 p.m. EST.