Sony has stayed under the radar the last few months as Apple, HP, and Samsung have grabbed the headlines in the consumer tech world.

At this year's IFA (Europe's version of the CES) in Berlin, Sony has come out guns blazing, introducing an array of new products for its global consumer base. This includes a lot of 3D, a little bit of tablet and more. Here's a look at Sony's new products.

Sony Tablet:  Sony's first entry into the tablet space will officially launch in September of this year (another version will drop in November), the company announced at IFA. The tablet will have a wedge shape, a 9.4-inch display, use NVIDIA's Tegra processor and run on Google's Android Honeycomb operating system. It will cost $500 and can either have Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and 3G. The wedge shape is asymmetric and Sony says it will allow the device to be held for a long time. It will come with other Sony services like Sony Music Unlimited, PlayStation gaming, the Sony Reader store and Sony Video Unlimited. Sony didn't mention US launch dates.

24-inch Vaio 3D PC: Sony has made 3D its business since the consumer electronics industry has embraced the platform over the past few years. At this year's IFA, the company continued to push 3D products starting with the 24-inch Vaio 3D PC. At 24-inches, the 3D PC could practically double as a TV screen. The screen can covert 2D movies to 3D, is LED backlit and has an input for PS3 games. Oh - it's also touch screen capable.

3D Headset: For a ridiculous, futuristic 3D experience, try this one on for size. Sony says this is the first 3D compatible Head Mounted Display equipped with an OLED panel that shows 1280-by-720 images from a 0.7-inch panel. It shows a 150-inch 3D HDTV seen from 12 feet away.  It comes with surround sound that has four different modes for movies, video games, etc. Quite simply, it's an immersive way to watch a movie or play a video game in 3D. Who needs 3D glasses, when you could have this?


This futuristic headset can show consumers an immersed 3D experience.
Credit: Sony

Wireless Android Walkman: Sony became the fore bearer in wireless, mobile music devices with the walkman. Unfortunately that was the 1980s. The company has taken a back seat over the past decade to Apple's iPod, but that doesn't mean they have given up. The company introduced the new Walkman A860 series at IFA. The series has a familiar look: it's a touch screen with an Android operating system. Yes, Sony is trying to compete with Apple in Mp3 players the same way Samsung, Motorola, etc. are competing with Apple in smartphones.

Light Reader: Sony has done pretty well against the Amazon Kindle in the burgeoning E-Reader space. It should come as no surprise that the company has come out with another E-Reader product as it tries to keep up with the increasingly faster pace of technology. At a mere 168 grams and 15.2cm (6-inches), the new Reader is the lightest ever according to Sony. It also comes with dual touch screen and a simplistic browser. No word on cost, but it will be available in Europe in October of this year.

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