The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 rumor mill has been in high gear this summer, with real and imagined part leaks surfacing on a daily basis. From sapphire screens to rear case photos, enough parts have emerged that you could assemble Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone using the leaked parts alone.

With that in mind, we created our own mockup of the iPhone 6 based on the number of rumors, details and photos that have been leaked all summer. Here's our best guess on what Apple's iPhone 6 may look like fully assembled:


The front of the iPhone 6 is expected to have a number of new features, including a curved edge sapphire display cover and higher resolution screen. While several panels of the iPhone 6’s front screen have leaked over the past few months, speculation has drifted back and forth on whether this feature will end up on the iPhone 6. Consumers have indicated interest in a sapphire screen iPhone, but analysts say the material may be limited to higher-end devices due to production limitations.

1_iPhone-6-front-mockup-Profile_apps An illustration of what the iPhone 6's rear and front may look like. Photo: Illustration/IBTimes/Luke Villapaz

Resolution has also been a contentious issue since it seems nobody has been able to come to an agreement of how many pixels the iPhone 6 screen will contain. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman speculated in May that Apple may use a 1704x960 pixel screen, a 50 percent screen size increase over the iPhone 5S. But, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber proposed that the iPhone 6 may have a more modest screen resolution increase to 1334x750 pixels.


The back of the iPhone 6 has also attracted significant attention due to earlier part leaks, which showed purported iPhone 6 cases with thick antenna cutouts. The antenna attracted widespread criticism from Apple blogs, many of which described the design as ugly. Based on the latest leaked iPhone images that show the iPhone 6 with thinner antenna breaks, it looks like Apple may have gotten the message.

For photo purposes, Apple is expected to upgrade a number of features of the iPhone 6, by including a larger 13MP image sensor and redesigned camera flash. Unlike previous models of the iPhone, the latest iPhone 6 is expected to have a lens with a metal ring that slightly protrudes from the smartphone's body.

Leaked photos have also indicated that Apple is using an embedded logo in the iPhone. While its purpose is currently unconfirmed, Apple Insider speculates that the logo could be used as an antenna for near-field communication, or NFC, a wireless technology that mainly finds application in mobile phones and tablets PC for data exchange and transactions in a close range. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have the NFC feature.


Gone are the 26 holes that graced the iPhone 5S’ bottom edge. Instead, iPhone 6 part photos have shown that Apple may have gone with a simpler design for the smartphone’s bottom edge, with six larger holes for the speaker and possibly the microphone as well. Besides that design change, the lighting port and the headphone jack are expected to remain in the same place.

2_iPhone-6-Bottom-mockup An illustration of what the iPhone 6's bottom edge may look like. Photo: Illustration/IBTimes/Luke Villapaz


Among the most noticeable design changes on the iPhone 6 are its revamped side buttons. Photos of the purported iPhone parts show Apple abandoning the circular design of its iPhone volume buttons in favor of pill-shaped designs reminiscent of the 2007 iPhone’s volume controls. Photos have also indicated that Apple has relocated the power button to the right side of the iPhone 6, just above the SIM slot.

3_iPhone-6-Sides-mockup An illustration of iPhone 6's sides based on part leaks. Photo: Illustration/IBTimes/Luke Villapaz


Leaked parts of the iPhone 6 have already been seen in Gold, Silver and a darker color, which we presume to be Space Gray.

4_iPhone-6-Colors-mockup An illustration simulating possible color options for iPhone 6. Photo: Illustration/IBTimes/Luke Villapaz


There has been no shortage of rumored iPhone 6 external parts being leaked all summer. But details of its internal components have been relatively thin despite leaked images of the iPhone 6 logic board in July and August. Though, rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will contain a faster 2GHz A8 processor and 2GB of RAM. Documents have also indicated that the iPhone 6 could sport larger memory capacities, as high as 128GB. 

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 during a media event on Sept. 9, alongside a larger 5.5-inch smartphone, which may be called iPhone 6L.