Jon Lovitz is known for making us laugh, but he's been using Twitter in a serious matter lately, decrying the hate-fueled, honey-drawn swastikas scribbled on his friend's doorstep last week.

Some coward & idiot left this on a friend's doorstep, yesterday. This is an insult to all of us, Lovitz tweeted  along with a photo of the hate incident in the California community of Northridge.

Along with the swastikas, feces was left on the front doorstep of the home - done by three girls who admitted to scrawling the swastikas and leaving the feces at the doorstep, according to the Jewish Journal.

The three girls were permanently expelled from their school, Noble Middle School, according to CBS 2 Los Angeles.

The victim's father decried the hate-fueled incident.

The girls need to understand the severity of what they did. This wasn't a joke. That symbol (a swastika) has a very different meaning here at this house, he told CBS 2.

Lovitz mentioned that his friend's parents were Holocaust survivors.

The Los Angeles Police Department did not charge the girls with any crimes because the honey did not leave a permanent mark on the home.

The investigation revealed the involved individuals placed a swastika using maple syrup at the scene of a private residence, in addition to committing other acts not amounting to criminal conduct, the LAPD said in a statement released last week. Although no criminal conduct was established during these incidents, hate crimes and hate incidents are not just a violation against an individual or group, but also against society as a whole.

Lovitz used his Twitter account to slam the three girls involved and said the acts were committed as a form of bullying.

They did it to 'bully' [my friend's] daughter, Lovitz said.

In another Tweet, Lovitz attached a photo of the three girls posing with their middle fingers raised.

The 3 girls who are bullying my friend's daughter. They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT, he said.

Twitter users responded to Lovitz with the same condemnation for the incident as Lovitz.

Thanks for all your support on the hate crime. No one should be bullied for any reason. We're all people who should be treated w/ respect, the comedian tweeted.

Lovitz, known for his stint on Saturday Night LIve, showed his serious side after the incident, which clearly enraged him.

Your nice to me, I'm nice to you. You mess with me , I retaliate.. TIMES TEN! Jews are no longer victims. And the world doesn't like it, he said.