If you thought Abby Lee Miller’s battle with MDP (Murrieta Dance Project) was bad, just wait until Tuesday’s installment of “Dance Moms.” In the Season 5 episode “Abby vs. Kira,” the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) instructor will go head-to-head with dancer Kalani Hilliker’s mom, Kira Girard.

So, what will cause the friction? According to Lifetime’s synopsis for episode 25, Kira, a fellow dance studio owner, will push Abby’s buttons by bringing in “outside help” after Abby “refuses to take responsibility for the girls’ lack of training.” As expected, her actions won’t sit well with the infamously tough coach.

“I don’t like mommies playing dancing school,” Abby condescendingly tells Kira in the promo video for Tuesday’s episode after the dance mom brings in a surprise guest to teach the girls. Kira responds by telling Abby to “go to hell.”

Abby goes on to tell Kira that her daughter Kalani, 14, would “rather be with any other mother. Kira reacts by telling Kalani they’re leaving. “Kalani, let’s go!” Kira yells. A separate promo for the forthcoming episode shows the young dancer in tears and hugging her teammate Maddie Ziegler.

“This might be it for her and the ALDC,” dance mom Holly Frazier says in the teaser.

So, what happened between the two “Dance Moms” stars? And are Kalani and Kira leaving the ALDC for good? Despite Holly teasing that Kalani may part ways with the show in the trailer, one “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports that Kalani will appear in next week's installment, episode 26.

Kira denounced speculation that she and her daughter had left the ALDC on Twitter on May 2, telling one fan to “stop spreading rumors.” Kira cleared up the speculation regarding her fight with Abby on Twitter on Wednesday, stating she was merely standing up for her child.

Despite speculation that Kira’s fight with Abby was due to a comment the coach allegedly made about her daughter's weight, Kira denied those rumors. She claims what set her off was Abby refusing to give Kalani a hug.

“Dance Moms” Season 5, episode 25 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.