There have been numerous alleged leaks concerning Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 720, but most of them have focused on the console's hardware or its release date. However, the latest reportedly leaked bit of information revealed some details on the next iteration of the company's motion-based gameplay device, known as the Kinect 2.

A Twitter user posted an image of what is said to be a sample from Kinect 2 running on a Durango development kit, spotted by The Verge. The picture depicts two users interacting with the gameplay device. There isn't much detail that can be seen in the image, but it does seem as if the next-generation Kinect will feature an increased element of depth.

There is no true way to tell if this photo is legitimate, but a source from The Verge has described it as a "genuine test sample." The Xbox 720 is codenamed Durango, after the Durango Xbox Development Kit that Microsoft is working with for the 360 successor. The user interface for that development kit is the same as the one shown in the allegedly leaked Kinect 2 picture, a person familiar with Microsoft's Durango work said to The Verge.

However, this isn't the first time information on the next-generation Kinect was reportedly leaked online. At the end of June a 56-page document detailing Microsoft's plans for its Xbox 360 successor had circulated around the Internet.

The paperwork included information on a Kinect successor, but since it was written in 2010 there may be updated information that hasn't been made available yet. This alleged Kinect Version 2 described in the document would theoretically include two cameras and microphones. The upgraded Kinect is also said to allow up to four players to participate in the game, whether they are sitting or standing.

But the next rendition of Kinect will also feature an extra piece of hardware that gamers may not have predicted, according to the paperwork. A device referred to as "Kinect Shades" was also mentioned, which would act as augmented reality eyewear, allowing several players to experience the same three-dimensional image.

"The game has broken out of the screen and is all around you," the document reads.

Microsoft has not officially announced whether or not this information was valid, but a source had confirmed to that the paperwork was legitimate.

The original Kinect, released in November 2010, caught on among the Xbox-playing community and soon expanded from a console add-on to a new method of navigating Xbox Live screens. In March 2011, Microsoft sold more than 10 million Kinect systems to retailers, only about three months after its release date.

Kinect capability is now featured in major console titles such as "Mass Effect 3" and "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Although there isn't too much gesture-controlled gameplay in the "Skyrim" Kinect iteration, players can sift through their inventory more easily and launch Dragon Shouts by using their voice.

The commercialization of motion-activated gameplay was introduced on a massive scale with Nintendo's Wii, and Microsoft took that to the next level with the Kinect by eliminating the need for a controller. Since then PlayStation has rolled out its own version of action-based gaming known as the PlayStation Move, which was similar to the Wii controllers.