After a rather controversial ending to a high-profile fight, there are some calls for a rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz.

Oscar De La Hoya, the former champion and current boxing promoter, believes that Mayweather didn't win right after a quick-start knock out that followed an intentional Ortiz headbutt.

I will fight for Ortiz to have a rematch, De La Hoya said, on Twitter I feel Mayweather looked good and Ortiz looked good. 

De La Hoya said that Ortiz's headbutt deserved to have two points deducted instead of one, but also described Mayweather's retaliation as bad sportsmanship.

I made some mistakes tonight and I apologize to the public, but I definitely want a rematch, said Ortiz following the fight.

After only three completed rounds, Mayweather appeared to be winning the fight two-rounds-to-one. Compubox statistics showed that Mayweather was dominating the fight.

Many would argue that the lunging headbutt by Ortiz was poor sportsmanship, and that Ortiz got what he deserved. Referees tell boxers protect yourself at all times and there was no reason for Ortiz to not at least bounce back or raise his fists.

De La Hoya is not the only one calling for a rematch, as many feel the outcome was unsatisfying with Mayweather not winning the fight convincingly.

The question is: will Mayweather grant Ortiz one?

Most fight fans want a megabout between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Both fighters are considered among the best pound-for-pound boxers in the sport.

Pacquiao has given Mayweather a deadline to make a decision by the end of 2012. The Filipino star also has a major fight in November when he battles with Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time. Marquez is no slouch, and in the previous two fights he did damage to Pacquiao.

A Mayweather - Ortiz rematch might hinder the possibility of a Mayweather - Pacquiao bout that could be worth $100 million.

Long-time promoter Bob Arum has said that the fight was no chance it will go down, as the two fighters have gone back and forth on the issue of performance enchancing drug testing.

Also, Mayweather may not want to give Ortiz another rematch because he may receive a bigger payday if he fights Amir Khan. The speedy British fighter is a big draw in Europe, which means Mayweather may stand to make a great deal of money on the fight.