Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, who has already contributed more than $1 million to the Obama campaign via the Priorities USA Super PAC, finally lent his iconic voice to the Obama campaign in a new ad that first aired on Sunday's NFL and MLB playoff games.

In roughly 24 hours since being posted online, Freeman's video ad for President Obama has already racked up more than 187,000 views and 3,500 likes on YouTube, and is continuing to gain steam.

Here is Freeman's full script from the 30-second video:

"Every president inherits challenges; few have faced so many. Four years later our enemies have been brought to justice. Our heroes are coming home. Assembly lines are humming again—there are still challenges to meet, children to educate, a middle class to rebuild, but the last thing we should do is turn back now."

President Barack Obama approved this message, and apparently, so have thousands of others on YouTube.

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