NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski caused a stir on Monday as he began chatting with fans on Twitter following an explosion on the track that happened the same night, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

According to the publication, the 28-year-old picked up over 100,000 followers during the two-hour delay that was caused when driver Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a track-drying truck bringing the race to a halt. Neither Montoya nor the driver of the truck are seriously injured, the publication said.

Soon after the inferno was put out, Keselowski started posting tweets from his phone while he waited for the race to commence. The publication added that Keselowski started off with 65,000 followers during the start of the delay period and in the process collected nearly 200,000.

Time to get back racing, thank you for following!, Keselowski wrote on his page.

The NASCAR driver was apparently informative, updating his fans time to time as to when the race will resume. The funny guy that he is, Keselowski also tweeted in response to a fan's question on the complexities that happened at that time: Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012... .

Keselowski's bizarre antics while interacting with fans were also an instant hit with fellow rivals who apparently admired his approach.

That's how Brad is. That's what he makes and what he enjoys, I thought it was pretty funny, runner-up Dale Earnhardt Jr . is said to have told reporters, according to the report.

Take a look at the list of funny tweets fans have exchanged with Keselowski:

-I wonder if Brad @keselowski has a charging cable for his iPhone in his race car?

-Brad, u r close to 200,000 followers!! Think u'll get that number tonite?? Happy racing!! Chari :)

- Yo Brad! Lets wrap this up with a win! My wife is telling me to get to bed.

- Lol hey brad u got a car charger in there?

- Go Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jsu please dont crash please dont crash

- got one last pic for us Brad? Lol

- take a pic of the sky so we can see what fox is not showing us...