Netflix Redesign Reveals New Logo And Website Interface

By @lukeydukey on

Laptop and desktop users logging into Netflix Inc.’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) website on Thursday evening found the video streaming service had received a significant visual overhaul.

Netflix comparison A comparison of the desktop (left) and mobile (right) Netflix interface  Netflix

One of the most immediately visible changes is the new desktop browser interface, which eschews the heavy use of red for a subtle and flat white and grey layout. Likewise the Netflix logo has received a redesign: In place of its original white lettering bordered by a black drop shadow is a simplified design that sports flat red text.

The logo redesign actually made its debut last week, on the Season 2 premiere of HBO hit “Orange Is the New Black.”

Another change found in the redesign is the loading screen, which now provides a preview still of a film as it loads. Notably missing is the loading percentage, replaced by a lone spinning wheel.

The mostly cosmetic redesign affects only the desktop version of Netflix.

Last year, Netflix rolled out a revamped interface for its video game console and television apps in an attempt to make the streaming service more accessible and user-friendly.

Netflix hasn’t said when the logo and color-scheme redesign will make its way to mobile, tablet and console apps.

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