Taylor Schilling plays Piper Chapman in “Orange Is The New Black.” Netflix

“Orange is The New Black” began Season 2 with a bang last night when the series returned to Netflix with a flood of all 13 episodes. And if you happened to catch the premiere of the jaw-dropping drama then you already know what kind of mayhem Jenji Kohan stirred up for the ladies of Litchfield – specifically our girl Piper.

And while Chapman’s storyline is completely bananas (being dragged to a Chicago prison, making news enemies and capturing cockroaches) – we have to wonder, what’s going on with the other jumpsuit-donning dames who were noticeably missing from episode 1?

Well, Uzo Aduba (Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren), Lea DeLaria (Carrie “Big Boo” Black) and Danielle Brooks (Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson) decided to make an off-screen debut at the 2014 ATX Festival where the three actresses dished everything from behind the scenes shenanigans to Season 3 news.

So, where do we begin?

“I’m just going to say one word: #peanutbutter,” DeLaria said while describing the recently streamed Season 2 of “OITNB.” “I’ve been getting that hashtag all day.”

And if you haven’t binge-watched the entire season yet then we won’t spoil why!

“I just think they sit around in the writer’s room and go ‘What’s the craziest thing we can think of and who will do it? Oh yeah, give it to DeLaria,’” she added cryptically, hinting to fans that the peanut butter-scene would be one they wouldn’t forget.

Unlike DeLaria, Brooks was a bit more straightforward with her answer in regards to what Season 2 has up its orange sleeve: “This season is very exciting. I think it intensifies to the 100th degree. A lot of cliffhangers are answered this season, but then it leaves you with some other things. There’s some new character’s, too!”

One of the new faces fan will be seeing in Season 2 is Lorraine Toussaint who plays Vee in Season 2. “She really comes and rocks it. I’m excited for people to see that,” Brooks added.

But no one in the audience was more thrilled than when the trio explained a drinking game they made up for when watching “OITNB.” Yes, that’s right – a drinking game. So, fill up your glass now because we promise this is one you’re definitely going to want to play while power-watching Season 2.

The drinking game is called “Where’s Connie” and was created by the cast because of Constance Shulman’s (who plays “Yoga Jones”) seldom appearance in group scenes.

The ladies of “Orange” joked that they never met an actress who rarely wanted screen-time, which is why “Yoga Jones” presence on the small screen deserves a raise of the glass. We'll drink to that.

Now onto "Crazy Eyes" news! We know you’re probably dying for scoop on everyone's favorite "OITNB" character -- and you’re in luck because Aduba shared with fans how exactly she would like to see her character evolve throughout the seasons to come of “OITNB.”

“I think I would like for Suzanne to have more of the same, in that I love that they continue to place her on solid ground,” Aduba said, adding that she hopes the writers “continue to round her out” while having layers of her character peeled back. “I love seeing her vulnerability, her willingness to just live, I’d love to see that fire continue to be stoked.” …And more of “Crazy Eyes’” quote-worthy poetry, too, right?

Brooks informed fans that she would one day like to see Taystee develop into Tasha. “She’s not quite there yet. I would love to see her become a woman and I think for season one, we end up with that conversation with her and Poussey in the library. In Season 2 she really takes to heart that conversation – she tries so hard. She’s so hopeful of getting out, I would love to see her grow as a human being.”

DeLaria opted for the road less traveled when she announced to audience members of the ATX Festival that she would love it “if Big Boo had sex with a human.”

“Had a relationship with something other than a machine,” the actress laughed. “That would be awesome. I’d love to see what would happen to Boo in an actual relationship. We’ve seen her talk about a relationship so I would love to see what the writers envision for her in that situation and how I could make it happen. I would like it if she could never get out of prison – maybe she could shoot Pornstache and get a life sentence.”

Now that would be interesting!

The ladies revealed that Season 3 of “OITNB” is currently in the works, which means we’ll start that count down for the upcoming drama right… now!

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