Sony Pictures appeased movie fans on Tuesday by releasing the highly anticipated trailer for “Passengers” to the public, but it isn’t the first promo for the film. The 2-minute teaser offers different scenes than what was shown at 2016 CinemaCon during Sony Pictures Presentation in April.

While the original trailer for the Jennifer Lawrence-Chris Pratt sci-fi flick opened with just Pratt’s character Jim waking up 90 years too soon into his century-long voyage to another planet, the new trailer immediately jumps into Lawrence’s character Aurora’s romance with him. The first scene (above) shows Jim, a mechanic, using a robot to ask Aurora, an accomplished New York journalist, out on a date. Of course, the two are the only awake passengers aboard the Starship Avalon with the rest of the guests in hibernation, so their choice of partners is limited.

Sony’s CinemaCon presentation eased into Aurora and Jim’s relationship, first showing Jim’s struggle during his nearly one-year in solitude and meeting a bartender robot, played my Michael Sheen, before being introduced to Aurora. Later scenes in the April trailer included steamy sequences between Jim and Aurora. Of course, both trailers included the characters’ dramatic realization that their ship is malfunctioning.

“Something’s wrong. Something big,” Jim announces to Aurora in the new promo when the craft begins to lose gravity. When Jim says the ship is going down, Aurora is visibly upset. “You die, I die,” she declares, but the two still go on to risk their lives for the sake of the rest of the passengers. The promo ends with Jim admitting to Aurora that there’s a reason why they both woke up too soon.

Read the full rundown of what happened in the first “Passengers” trailer HERE. The Morten Tyldum-directed movie soars into theaters Dec. 21.