Las Vegas— What happens when you’re trapped in space with one person for the rest of your life? You fall madly in love with them, of course. 

Sony Pictures premiered raw footage of their thriller “Passengers” during CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, and it put actors Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s chemistry on full display.

In the film, Lawrence plays an accomplished writer from New York named Aurora who boards the space craft in hopes of waking up 120 years in the future and writing about her experiences. Pratt’s character Jim comes from another side of society, a mechanic whose talents are no longer required. He buys the cheapest ticket whereas Lawrence’s character splurges on a more pricey ride.

“She’s glamorous. She’s an intellectual,” Pratt dished of his co-star's character. “There’s a bit of a gap there.”

When the trailer begins we see Jim waking up from his chamber pod aboard the Starship Avalon utterly confused. He soon after realizes he’s just 30 years into his century long trip to the homestead colony and all alone with the other 5,258 guests still sound asleep. “I woke up too soon,” he mulls. 

Pratt fills his time by showering and dressing, but finds himself unable to receive items designed for the first-class passengers, like specialty coffee. When he finds a bartender, played by Michael Sheen, he’s disappointed to learn the worker is merely a robot. “Every cloud has a silver lining,” Sheen’s character tells Jim. And he’s right.

After just over a year living in solitude, Jim finds Lawrence’s character roaming the ship. The two try to find a way to right the wrong of waking up too soon but quickly realize the ship is designed to they’re purposefully keep th em out of the control rooms. When they need another way to bide their time, they decide to go on a date. A sequence shows them acting like a couple: watching a film in a theater, swimming and yes, making out. One scene shows Lawrence's character slide across a dining table and passionately kiss Pratt's. “You’re the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen,” he utters.

Their love story turns sour when the ship begins to lose gravity. One scene shows Aurora trapped in a water bubble gasping for air and another reveals Jim collapsing. “The ship is going down,” Jim announces, which results in his plan to get help. He appears to exit the space craft to save his only other comrade and the other passengers, but his fate is left unknown.

“Passengers” premieres in theaters Dec. 21.